Troy Lee Designs D4 Helmet Has Landed

By Stan Portus – 12 February 2020

Troy Lee Designs' much anticipated D4 helmet has arrived, introducing a new legend to the world of mountain biking and continuing the legacy of TLD’s iconic Daytona Series.

Since October 2019, rumours have been flying about what Troy Lee Designs has been up to. Sightings of a new helmet at events like Red bull Rampage led many to suspect an update to the legendary Daytona series. The all new D4 quickly became one of the most hotly anticipated, talked-about kit releases in mountain biking – heck, the entire world of cycling – and already has legends like Steve Peat hyping it.

Here at Saddleback we’re stoked to announce that the D4 is finally here. For the fastest, raddest riders out there, and anyone aspiring to match the World’s best Downhill, Freeride, and BMX racers. 

The Legendary Daytona Series Continues

The Daytona series is the most iconic and important collection of helmets mountain biking has ever seen. The original Daytona was first introduced in 1996 and was made by Troy Lee in response to the growing need for a safer full-face helmet for mountain biking, that was getting faster and faster. The magical blend of style, innovation and safety led to the Daytona being the most chosen helmet in mountain bike racing across disciplines.

The Daytona, D2, and D3 have been worn by more mountain bike and BMX heroes than any other helmet, and the whole Daytona series has collected more titles, medals and accolades than any other helmet too.

The legendary status of the Daytona series is set to continue with the D4. The likes of Brendan Fairclough, Tom van Steenberg, Cam Zink, and Kyle Strait are already wearing Troy Lee’s latest lid. The D4 has in fact already tasted victory with Alise Willoughby taking the first UCI World Cup Supercross win of 2020 in Shepperton, Australia, wearing the helmet.  

D4 Composite Mirage

D4 Carbon and D4 Composite 

The D4 is available with two different composite shells.

The D4 Carbon uses TeXtreme carbon fibre to create the perfect blend of science, speed, and style. TeXtreme carbon fibre is well known in the world of sports equipment. It has a spread tow construction that uses straighter fibres than conventional carbon fibre. This leads to a thinner laminate that reduces weight while achieving a greater rigidness, increased strength, and improved impact tolerance.

The D4 Composite is made from an aerospace-grade fibreglass and has all the same features as its carbon counterpart. 

D4 Carbon black and yellow

Stay Cool, Stay Protected 

As you’d expect from a Troy Lee creation, the D4 makes no compromises in terms of protection. The D4 has a collarbone suspension system built in that directs pressure away from your collarbone in case of a crash and uses MIPS Brain Protection System.

As a result, it has the most protective energy system Troy Lee Designs has ever given its riders and (the boring but important bit) is certified to CPSC 1203, EN1078, ASTM F1952 (DH), AND ASTM 2032 (BMX) safety standards.

24 vents, ventilation channels, and the helmet’s liner promote airflow keeping things cool. Breakaway visor screws reduce potential damage to the helmet in any tumbles. The D4 is completed with D-ring closures and quick release, antibacterial cheek pads.  

D4 Carbon

Badass Looks and a Pedigree to Match 

Top protection, badass looks, and a pedigree that no one can touch. The D4 is set to continue Troy Lee Designs’ legacy for years to come and, like all the Daytonas before it, become the go-to mountain bike helmet for anyone seeking the very best.

Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon MIPS Helmet

Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon MIPS Helmet

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Troy Lee Designs D4 Composite MIPS Helmet

Troy Lee Designs D4 Composite MIPS Helmet

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