Castelli Jerseys

Castelli has over 100 years of experience in designing performance cycling jerseys fit for the world's best riders. With a list of firsts including sublimation printing,  thermal insulation and windproofing, Castelli is always striving for the next innovation

From the iconic Gabba rain jersey to ultra-light aero race jerseys with unparalleled breathability, Castelli is at the forefront of cycling jersey technology. Designed in Italy and tested over hundreds of thousands of kilometers, Castelli jerseys blend luxurious comfort with a performance fit.

Castelli is an official partner to Team Ineos, supplying the best riders in the world with the best cycling jerseys in the world.

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    Castelli Trasparente V Jersey

    £190.00 £142.50
    Dark grayDark gray
    Light steel blueLight steel blue
    Light blackLight black
    Matador redMatador red

    Castelli Tabula Rasa Jersey

    £64.00 – £80.00
    Multicolor dark gray/yellowMulticolor dark gray/yellow
    Multicolor blue/orangeMulticolor blue/orange

    Castelli Prologo VI Jersey

    Black/ivory/dark grayBlack/ivory/dark gray
    Fiery red/ivory/dark infinity blueFiery red/ivory/dark infinity blue
    Dark blue/orange/light blueDark blue/orange/light blue
    Dark gray/vortex/winter skyDark gray/vortex/winter sky
    Light steel blue/chartreuse/dark steel blueLight steel blue/chartreuse/dark steel blue

    Castelli Espresso Jersey

    £90.00 – £135.00
    Dark steel blue/redDark steel blue/red
    Dark grayDark gray
    Light steel blueLight steel blue

    Castelli Free AR 4.1 Print Jersey

    Sky blue/whiteSky blue/white
    Red/light steel blueRed/light steel blue
    Black/dark greyBlack/dark grey
    White/ light blackWhite/ light black

    Castelli Puro 3 Jersey

    Yellow fluoYellow fluo
    Light blackLight black
    Forest grayForest gray
    Light steel blueLight steel blue
    Matador redMatador red

    Castelli Entrata 3 Jersey

    Dark gray/sky blueDark gray/sky blue
    Light steel blueLight steel blue
    Yellow fluoYellow fluo
    Light blackLight black