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Maverick spirits, experimenters, and collaborators. Chpt3 is about journeying into the future, seeking new technologies, and bringing a welcome sartorial edge to cycling apparel and its ancillaries.

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    Chpt3 C3 Stripe Socks

    White/quetzal greenWhite/quetzal green
    Black/rosso fuocoBlack/rosso fuoco

    Chpt3 Girona S2N Socks

    White/rosso fuocoWhite/rosso fuoco
    Black/rosso fuocoBlack/rosso fuoco

    Chpt3 Winter Socks MK2

    Outer space/grey/rosso fuocoOuter space/grey/rosso fuoco

    Chpt3 Girona 1.54 Socks

    £18.00 £10.00
    C3 blackC3 black
    Climbing ivy/rosso fuocoClimbing ivy/rosso fuoco
    Outer space/rosso fuocoOuter space/rosso fuoco