CHPT3 Jerseys

The Chpt3 jersey collection is cyclewear refined. Paying equal attention to cycling performance, cycling history, and men’s fashion history, the collection marries David Millar and the Chpt3 team’s vision with the technical prowess of Castelli. The Origin 1.21 jersey looks towards the racing overalls of motorsport’s greats; The Girona Jersey pays homage to David Millar’s home city and one of cycling’s global epicentres; The Onemorelap Jersey is dedicated to Millar’s 2014  Paris – Roubaix, and his love hate relationship with the race; and the J/J’s dive suit appearance was inspired by the styling of Eileen Sullivan, the wardrobe designer for Sean Connery’s Bond.

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    Chpt3 Rocka 1.61 Short Sleeve Jacket

    £290.00 £130.00
    Outer spaceOuter space
    Climbing ivyClimbing ivy

    Chpt3 Girona 1.27 Short Sleeve Jersey

    £100.00 £65.00
    C3 blackC3 black
    Climbing ivyClimbing ivy
    Outer spaceOuter space

    Chpt3 Origin 1.21 Short Sleeve Jersey

    £90.00 – £120.00
    Ashley blueAshley blue
    Inner spaceInner space

    Chpt3 J/J 1.62 Jersey Jacket

    C3 blackC3 black
    Blue indigoBlue indigo

    Chpt3 Rocka 1.63 Short Sleeve Jacket Mk2

    Climbing ivyClimbing ivy
    Outer spaceOuter space
    Fire redFire red
    C3 blackC3 black