Chpt3 by Castelli

Imagined by David Millar made by Castelli.

This is David's vision for cycle clothing beyond racing. This is the next chapter. This is CHPT3.

Chpt3 is pure racing heritage for non-racers. David Millar started working with Castelli in 2006, developing pro race apparel, they worked together, all the time pushing the envelope, and in the process creating the benchmark for racing tech today. When David's Pro cycling career came to an end he realised he would no longer have that relationship, "I’d have to wear clothing somebody else had designed. I didn’t want that. I wanted to create cycling clothing that was constructed for my new life as a non-racer, only designed for riding, not racing, but still with the latest tech and with a collaboration that I’d always known".

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Chpt3 by Castelli Girona Sock 1.54

C3 blackC3 black
Climbing ivy/rosso fuocoClimbing ivy/rosso fuoco

Chpt3 by Castelli Girona 1.27 Jersey

C3 blackC3 black
Climbing ivyClimbing ivy

Chpt3 by Castelli Short Sleeve Winter Base Layer 1.84

Inner spaceInner space
Climbing ivyClimbing ivy