ENVE M-Series Stems

ENVE M-Series, M for mountain are a range of components designed for specific styles of and types of rider  M Series carbon bodied stems are not only stronger and lighter than aluminium stems, they absorb vibrations and chatter, and tie together the look and style of your mountain bike.

 ENVE build exceptionally light stems. We get it when a rider sees the listed weight of our products and decides to take a pass. When you ride hard, you take chances on the trail, not in the bike shop. What most riders don’t know is that a carbon-bodied stem, properly designed, can be nearly unbreakable. Our new M7 stem is so strong that we were forced to recalibrate our test lab in order to find its limits.

So while we can’t walk you through our test lab, we can show you our confidence with our warranty on craftsmanship and impact damage.

Bicycle geometry continues to evolve in a consistent direction; longer and lower, bigger wheels and higher volume tires. M Series complements today’s bikes with real options.

Designed to be used with our M-Series Handlebars

We offer our M7 Series, 35mm clamp diameter, zero-rise stems in lengths of 35, 50, and 65mm. Designed for Gravity riders these are compatible with M7 and M9 bars only

The M6 Series, 31.8mm clamp diameter, +/- 6º stems are available in lengths of 40, 55, 70 and 85mm. Designed for trail and cross country they are a perfect fit for our M5 and M6 bars.


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