RoS: Rain or Shine

A collection of Castelli 'Rain or Shine' kit. Cycle clothing engineered as the ultimate in no-compromise jerseys, jackets and tights. With the RoS range, Castelli have strived to ensure each piece is as waterproof as possible without compromising on breathability. RoS blurs the line between dry-weather clothing and wet-weather clothing.

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Castelli Alpha Rain or Shine Insulated Winter Jacket

Light black/blackLight black/black

Castelli Alpha Rain or Shine Light - Insulated Jacket

Moonlight blue/blackMoonlight blue/black
Light black/blackLight black/black

Castelli Nelmezzo Long Sleeve Rain or Shine Jersey

Forest gray/orangeForest gray/orange
Ceramic blue/yellow fluoCeramic blue/yellow fluo

Castelli Alpha Rain or Shine Insulated Women's Winter Jacket

Light black/blackLight black/black
Dark celeste/blackDark celeste/black
Forest gray/blackForest gray/black