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Saddleback distribute some of the worlds finest cycling brands in both road and mountain, including Alchemy, Castelli, Troy Lee Designs, Sidi, Chris King, ENVE, Silca and more.

Our Saddleback exclusives collection is the home of products you can only find here, giving you the chance to browse some products, colours and sizes you won't find anywhere else.

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        Troy Lee Designs A1 Replacement Visor (2.0)

        £30.00 – £35.00
        Classic black/blueClassic black/blue
        Classic trooperClassic trooper
        Classic blue/whiteClassic blue/white
        Classic whiteClassic white
        Classic grayClassic gray
        Classic redClassic red
        Classic oceanClassic ocean
        Classic blackClassic black
        Classic orangeClassic orange
        Classic flo yellowClassic flo yellow

        Troy Lee Designs A2 Replacement Visor

        £30.00 – £35.00
        Decoy black/stoneDecoy black/stone
        Decoy blackDecoy black
        Decoy orangeDecoy orange
        Decoy cyan / yellowDecoy cyan / yellow
        Decoy aquaDecoy aqua
        Pinstripe black / goldPinstripe black / gold
        Pinstripe white / reflectivePinstripe white / reflective
        Pinstripe blue / redPinstripe blue / red
        Pinstripe red / blackPinstripe red / black
        Pinstripe black / greenPinstripe black / green
        Pinstripe black / yellowPinstripe black / yellow
        Pinstripe 2 redPinstripe 2 red
        Pinstripe 2 whitePinstripe 2 white
        Pinstripe 2 grayPinstripe 2 gray
        Pinstripe 2 oceanPinstripe 2 ocean
        Starburst orangeStarburst orange
        Superstar blackSuperstar black
        Starburst redStarburst red
        Starburst silverStarburst silver
        50 / 50 blue50 / 50 blue
        50 / 50 red50 / 50 red

        Troy Lee Designs D3 Replacement Visor

        £35.00 – £45.00
        Factory trooperFactory trooper
        Factory oceanFactory ocean
        Factory flo yellowFactory flo yellow
        Factory grayFactory gray
        Factory orangeFactory orange
        Factory redFactory red
        Freedom blueFreedom blue
        Freedom black/grayFreedom black/gray
        Corona flo yellowCorona flo yellow
        Corona redCorona red
        Corona orangeCorona orange
        Corona red/whiteCorona red/white
        Mirage grayMirage gray
        Mirage redMirage red
        Mirage oceanMirage ocean
        Code yellowCode yellow