Sidi MTB Shoes

Sidi has been making Mountain Bike shoes since 1980's pretty much at the dawn of Mountain Biking in Europe. Many people think of Sidi as a road brand but the first footwear to come from Sidi where for mountain sports. Sidi excels in cross country and marathon mountain biking where it has won countless world cups, world championships and Olympic medals as well as Sidi MTB shoes crossing into the cyclocross and gravel markets with equal succsess. If you want a fast offroad shoe then none are faster than Sidi.

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Sidi Trace 2 MTB Shoes

Yellow fluo/blackYellow fluo/black

Sidi Eagle 10 MTB Shoes

Black/yellow fluoBlack/yellow fluo

Sidi Jarin MTB Gravel Cycling Shoes

Olive greenOlive green

Sidi Drako 2 SRS MTB Shoes - Matt

Matt grey/blackMatt grey/black
Matt blackMatt black
Matt blue/blackMatt blue/black

Sidi Dragon 5 SRS MTB Shoes - Matt

Matt red/blackMatt red/black
Matt blackMatt black
Matt orange/blackMatt orange/black

Sidi Tiger MTB Shoes

Matt black/gloss whiteMatt black/gloss white
Yellow fluoYellow fluo

Sidi Tiger SRS MTB Shoes - Matt

Matt black/redMatt black/red
Black/matt greyBlack/matt grey
Matt black/yellow fluoMatt black/yellow fluo