Crafter of stunningly beautiful high-performance cycling shoes for over 40 years, Sidi's innovative designs have been chosen by the world's best riders including Chris Froome who has worn Sidi to five Grand Tour victories.

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Sidi Jarin MTB Gravel Cycling Shoes

Olive greenOlive green

Sidi Tiger SRS MTB Shoes - Matt

Matt black/redMatt black/red
Black/matt greyBlack/matt grey
Matt black/yellow fluoMatt black/yellow fluo

Sidi Tiger MTB Shoes

Matt black/gloss whiteMatt black/gloss white
Yellow fluoYellow fluo

Sidi Drako 2 SRS MTB Shoes - Matt

Matt grey/blackMatt grey/black
Matt blackMatt black
Matt blue/blackMatt blue/black

Sidi Dragon 5 SRS MTB Shoes - Matt

Matt red/blackMatt red/black
Matt blackMatt black
Matt orange/blackMatt orange/black

Sidi Trace 2 MTB Shoes

Yellow fluo/blackYellow fluo/black

Sidi Eagle 10 MTB Shoes

Black/yellow fluoBlack/yellow fluo