Strada & Exploro

Whether your idea of cycling is setting off into the unknown for adventures beyond the confines of tarmac or pushing the limits of speed in a race to the next stop sign, the 3T Exploro and Strada reinvent what a bike can do.

When you feel the stiffness of the Strada frame combine with the comfort of its wider tires, the result is a totally unique ride experience. In addition, you sense the speed that comes from a no-compromise focus on aerodynamics: airfoil shapes designed specifically around those wider tires, a 1x drivetrain and disc brakes to provide late braking stopping power. If you like to lead from the front, the Strada is your ticket to get there first.

When it comes to the magic and fun of riding on a mixture of surfaces, the Exploro maximises your ride experience on and off the road with a combination of real world aerodynamics, comfort and light weight. In fact 3T's aerodynamic testing has shown that an Exploro equipped with knobbly tyres outperforms round-tube road bikes with skinny tyres.

The Exploro's road geometry is fast on good surfaces, extremely capable on poorer roads and exceptional when hitting gravel roads, tracks and bridleways. Its clearance for up to 2.1” mountain bike tires means nothing will stop you. There’s simply nothing else like it.


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