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The Troy Lee Designs apparel range combines vibrant prints with technical fabrics to offer the best in style and performance. Meanwhile, TLD's renowned helmets and pads continue to lead the way for MTB protection.

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Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS Helmet

Race silver/navyRace silver/navy
Stealth blackStealth black
Stealth greyStealth grey
Stealth black/pinkStealth black/pink
Race black/redRace black/red

Troy Lee Designs A2 Decoy MIPS Helmet - Fall Edition

Decoy gry/sngDecoy gry/sng
Decoy blk/flt grnDecoy blk/flt grn
Decoy dark gray/flo pnkDecoy dark gray/flo pnk

Troy Lee Designs A1 Classic MIPS Helmet - Fall Edition

Classic bur/orgClassic bur/org
Classic gry/whtClassic gry/wht

Troy Lee Designs Grind Flannel Jersey

£56.00 – £70.00
Deep forestDeep forest
High risk redHigh risk red
Ocean blueOcean blue

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Long Sleeved Jersey

£48.00 – £60.00
Checker black/limeChecker black/lime
Checker red/blackChecker red/black
Checker htr gray/blackChecker htr gray/black
Checker ocean/blackChecker ocean/black

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Long Sleeve Jersey - Fall Edition

Streamline sram htr sangriaStreamline sram htr sangria
Streamline sram htr grayStreamline sram htr gray
Checker htr gry/blkChecker htr gry/blk

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey

Metric orange/blackMetric orange/black
Metric white/blackMetric white/black
Metric gray/oceanMetric gray/ocean
Metric navy/redMetric navy/red
Solid blackSolid black
Megaburst red/blackMegaburst red/black
Megaburst gray/navyMegaburst gray/navy
Sram white/blackSram white/black

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Jersey - Fall Edition

Megaburst flo yel/blkMegaburst flo yel/blk
Megaburst ocn/nvyMegaburst ocn/nvy

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Jersey

Star black/grayStar black/gray
Block orange/greenBlock orange/green
Block blackBlock black
Block black/oceanBlock black/ocean
Streamline white/blackStreamline white/black
Streamline trp/blackStreamline trp/black
Streamline gray/blackStreamline gray/black
Prisma black/grayPrisma black/gray
Prisma gray/orangePrisma gray/orange

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Jersey - Fall Edition

Streamline htr brn/blkStreamline htr brn/blk
Streamline htr blk/hth gryStreamline htr blk/hth gry
Block htr gry/blkBlock htr gry/blk

Troy Lee Designs Terrain Jersey

£65.00 £52.00
Megaburst army green/blackMegaburst army green/black
Megaburst honey/orangeMegaburst honey/orange
Megaburst gray/navyMegaburst gray/navy
Megaburst stone/blackMegaburst stone/black

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short Sleeved Jersey

£40.00 – £50.00
Htr redHtr red
Solid blackSolid black
Htr oceanHtr ocean
Htr grayHtr gray
Htr trooperHtr trooper
Htr blackHtr black
Checker black/grayChecker black/gray
Checker navy/grayChecker navy/gray

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short Sleeve Jersey - Fall Edition

Checker htr sangriaChecker htr sangria
Checker nvy/orgChecker nvy/org
Checker htr grayChecker htr gray

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Air Short Sleeved Jersey

£40.00 – £50.00
Sram htr graySram htr gray
Sram black/whiteSram black/white
Checker white/blackChecker white/black
Checker ocean/blackChecker ocean/black

Troy Lee Designs Sprint Pant

Metric black/orangeMetric black/orange
Metric black/whiteMetric black/white
Metric ocean/whiteMetric ocean/white
Metric red/whiteMetric red/white
Solid blackSolid black

Troy Lee Designs Ruckus Short - With Liner

Star black/grayStar black/gray
Solid blackSolid black
Solid graySolid gray

Troy Lee Designs Terrain Short - With Liner

£110.00 £88.00
Fatigue greenFatigue green
Solid blackSolid black
Blue grayBlue gray
Honey orangeHoney orange

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Air Short - With Liner

£72.00 – £90.00
Solid graySolid gray
Solid blackSolid black

Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short - With Liner

£64.00 – £80.00
Solid blackSolid black

Troy Lee Designs Moto Short - Shell Only

£80.00 – £100.00