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Since being founded in 1976, Chris King has become one of the most esteemed names in cycling thanks to the extraordinary quality, durability and performance of its components, which include the finest headsets, hubs and bottom brackets.

Every product in the Chris King range is designed without compromise to offer the ultimate upgrade. Meanwhile, the brand's complete commitment to responsible sourcing of materials and environmentally progressive manufacturing means that these precision components are built to last.


As a young bike enthusiast living in Santa Barbara, California, Chris King was a hobbyist bike engineer, welding up frames in his spare time and customising small components. A member of staff in his local bike shop suggested that designing a better headset would be the ideal focus for the fledgling bike guru. 

This meant improving the hardness and durability of the headset, achieved in part by the use of cast-off bearings from King's job servicing surgical devices. The result was an ultra smooth, ultra resilient headset design that wowed all who used it.

King's drive to perfect the essential cycling components that many take for granted has never dimmed and today the brand's name has become synonymous with quality, durability and performance.

Chris King joined Saddleback as our hub partner in March 2011, since we felt the brand's hubs were suitably high performance to combine with ENVE rims to create exceptional wheelsets. In April 2016, the full Chris King range – including headsets and bottom brackets – came under our care, making the brand an even more intrinsic part of the Saddleback family.



Chris King's design philosophy unaffected by passing trends. The team simply doesn't believe in obsolescence. If they've made it, Chris King will continue to support it for the long run.


Because Chris King parts are built to last, all Chris King headsets, bottom brackets and hubs are now covered by King's Lifetime Warranty, making these high quality products a better investment than ever before.


Simple servicing will keep your components running faster than new, since the Chris King team has designed its bearings so that they will burnish to become smoother with age.


Chris King  components are made in-house in Utah from responsibly sourced materials. The manufacturing processes used are also as environmentally friendly as possible.

Chris King – Bottom BracketsChris King – Hub Buffing

Chris King Official Service Centres

Not all bicycle components are built to be equal. Chris King's superior components deserve superior attention to keep them in optimum condition and allow them to outlive their owners.

This is why we have trained a select group of Chris King dealers to become Official Service Centres. We have given them all the tools they need to perform full services on all Chris King products, regardless of how much abuse the component has seen. 

 Use the filter in the dealer locator below to view all of our Chris King Official Service Centres.

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