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Pivot Cycles started due to its founder’s drive to create bikes he wanted to ride, so the Pivot stable includes innovative bikes of unbeatable quality for all off-road disciplines. You’ll struggle to find a more satisfying ride.

Focusing on performance and the relentless pursuit of innovation, Pivot Cycles’ keen eye for detail is what makes its carbon frames among the best in the world.

Founded in 2007 by Chris Cocalis, Pivot Cycles has a wealth of bike experience in its ranks that has helped to build the company into what it is today. The team’s passion and dedication to craftmanship and innovation has made Pivot Cycles the world leader for mountain bike carbon frames.

Every detail of a new frame is considered during its conception, from suspension design, geometry and frame stiffness to chain line and durability, and it is then rigorously tested by the brand’s engineers and racers. All of this dedicated work ensures that every Pivot Cycles bike frame operates at the next level.



Its long, low geometry, with size-specific chainstay lengths, gives the enduro-focused Firebird stability at speed alongside pinpoint accuracy, thanks to its relaxed head angle, reach and lengthy wheelbase. Pivot uses its proprietary Hollow Core Carbon Moulding technology to minimise the Firebird’s weight and ensure that each size is tuned for its rider. Meanwhile, the Phoenix DH-inspired long dw-link® maximises the rearward wheel path with 165mm of supple, efficient suspension travel, optimising your control.

Orange Pivot Firebird bike standing upright, photographed from the side with snow capped mountain backdrop
Blue Switchblade bike photographed standing upright at an angle, with green hills in the background


The Switchblade is distinguished by its ultra-light, size-specific Hollow Core Carbon frame, blending enduro and trail geometry. The result is mind-bending performance, whether at the bike park or on the trails. It has 160mm of travel upfront and 142mm rear wheel travel, supplied by the dw-link® suspension. Thanks to the flip chip, you can tailor the geometry for either 27.5+ or 29” preferences, giving the Switchblade exceptional versatility and tuneability.

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Trail 429

The latest Trail 429 design keeps the model’s renowned sharpness and adds a slackened head angle, increased reach and the flip chip, so that you can tune the ride for more technical trails or fast courses. Blending handling with performance, the re-worked dw-link® suspension promotes XC race pedalling efficiency. Coupled with progressive trail geometry, the 120mm of travel feels like more than the number suggests.

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Green Pivot Trail 429 bike standing at an angle in woodland
Black ENVE logo on a white background
A man on a pink Pivot Shadowcat bike riding down a rock face against a blue sky

ABOUT Pivot Cycles

Pivot Cycles founder Chris Cocalis commenced racing BMX in the 80s. Never happy with his equipment and frustrated by constant failures, Chris began designing his own parts, starting with a bottom bracket patented in the name of Snake Cycles.

In 1989 Chris co-founded Titus Cycles. Full suspension mountain bikes were just beginning to appear, and in 1991 Titus launched its own. Around this time, Chris met Bill Kibler in Phoenix’s premier aerospace CNC shop. Bill now leads Pivot’s prototype production as the head of in-house research and development.

By 2001, both Chris and Titus’ sights were set on composite technology. Through Titus’ partners, Chris met Kevin Tisue, a mechanical engineer with a background in composites. Their shared passion for developing carbon bikes kick-started Pivot Cycles’ exceptional focus on the detail and tolerances of carbon manufacturing.

In 2007 Chris reunited with Bill and Kevin to launch Pivot Cycles. Add into the mix Dave Weagle, the designer behind the dw-link®, and an unbeatable team was formed. The wealth of experience pooled within its gates sets Pivot Cycles apart.

A hive of innovation

Chris Cocalis’ career in the bike industry is littered with innovation. While at Titus Cycles, he helped create the Titus Moto Lite, a controversial long-travel trailbike that preceded the all-mountain movement. After founding Pivot, he worked with his team and partners to develop the Press Fit 92 BB Standard and the idea of a direct mount front derailleur.

Cocalis also pioneered the technique of making aluminium frames in halves, then welding these together to form a hollow frame – the precursor to Pivot’s patented Hollow Core Carbon Moulding technology. Finally, in 2018, Pivot launched the first ever fully carbon electric assist mountain bike, the Shuttle.

The secret to Pivot’s enduring success is not only its large and talented design team but also having its own prototyping shop. When designs are made, they can be tweaked many times over to implement marginal gains, such as adding a millimetre more of travel, without waiting months for new designs to come back and adding years to the process.

Also critical is the brand’s determination to consider the design of the entire bike whenever new technology is implemented. If a change will impact performance elsewhere in the bike, it won’t be made.

Man riding Pivot Shuttle SL down a rock face in green woodland

Pivot Cycles and Saddleback

Since its inception in 2007, Pivot Cycles has risen from the position of newcomer to be a technology leader under the guidance of US industry veteran Chris Cocalis. Today the brand’s extensive Arizona-based team produces some of the most innovative bikes on the market using the quality materials, technologies and geometries that set them apart.

Pivot Cycles stands for performance and credibility, so the brand will marry perfectly with the rest of the premium Saddleback portfolio.