Stages and the Shimano Hollowtech recall

Details of the recall and the affected products can be found in the link below:

Saddleback’s and Stages USA involvement in having a power meter factory fitted to a Shimano crank arm or chainset supplied by Madison/Shimano under the Hollowtech recall begins at the point a consumer or dealer is physically in possession of the replacement crank arm or chainset.  Only Ultegra FC-08 and Dura-Ace FC-09 crank arms or chainsets issued by Madison/Shimano are eligible for this factory fitting process.  We are not able to exchange crank arms or chainsets for current Ultegra R8100 or Dura-Ace R9200 power meters as the replacements issued by Madison/Shimano are ‘non-series’ products produced specifically for the recall.

To start the process please send the following information to

  • Customer or bike shop name and address.
  • A contact telephone number.
  • The model of crank arm (FC-08 or FC-09) and if left only, right only or both sides.
  • The crank length.

Saddleback will reply with a returns reference number and the address to where the crank arm should be sent.

Shipments are sent to Stages USA at the end of each month, therefore cranks arms should reach us by the 28th of each month to be included in the monthly shipment.

Turnaround of the completed power meter by Stages USA takes between 4-6 weeks from the date of Saddleback shipping back to Stages.

Consumers will be contacted by Saddleback for payment once we have the completed power meter back from Stages USA and prior to despatching to the end customer.

The cost of having a power meter factory fitted to a FC-08 or FC-09 crank arm is below. 

  • Left Side Only - £261.00
  • Right Side Only - £282.00
  • Left & Right Side - £435.00


  • If your affected crank arm or chainset had a power meter attached and was returned under the recall Madison/Shimano will issue compensation to the same value of the factory fit.
  • This is a Shimano led recall where both Saddleback or Stages USA cannot be held accountable for any consequential loss either financially or in time lost riding.
  • All queries related to having a crank arm or chainset inspected or in obtaining a replacement under the recall should be directed to Madison/Shimano. Neither Saddleback or Stages are involved in this part of the process.