ENVE SES 3.4 Wheelset - Centerlock Disc Brake

£3,150.00 – £3,300.00

The ENVE 3.4 SES Disc Wheelset is a disc brake optimised climbing wheel with an aero advantage, ideal for road cyclists and racers who require maximum versatility for riding in mountainous terrain and variable weather conditions... Read more

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The ENVE 3.4 SES Disc Wheelset is a disc brake optimised climbing wheel with an aero advantage, ideal for road cyclists and racers who require maximum versatility for riding in mountainous terrain and variable weather conditions.

Since the introduction of the original SES 3.4 Disc ENVE has implemented new design concepts across the SES lineup that result in a faster wheel and improved ride experience.

The SES 3.4 Disc features road tubeless compatibility, 25mm tire optimization, disc brake specific design, and SES aero rim shaping to ensure maximum efficiencies for a shallow aero wheel fitted with disc brakes. Equally, at home in the mountains as in the valleys, the SES 3.4 Disc is the most versatile Smart ENVE System aero wheel.

Since its introduction in 2009, the Smart ENVE System 3.4 Disc has established itself as ENVE's most versatile and consequently most popular carbon fibre aero road wheelset amongst road cyclists of all abilities.

The SES 3.4 Disc is wider than its predecessor (29mm wide external, 21mm internal) to improve rolling resistance and improve aerodynamics for use with 25mm tires. In addition to added width, the versatile and reliable nature of the SES 3.4 Disc has been augmented by incorporating road tubeless tire compatibility.

Road tubeless compatibility means improved rolling resistance, comfort, traction, and a reduced propensity for flat tires. Like all SES Disc wheel models, the SES 3.4 Disc features dissimilar rim shapes and geometries between front and back wheels to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and rideability in variable weather conditions.

The front rim is 38mm deep and wider than the rear rim to aid in crosswind stability while the rear rim is 42mm deep and narrower, therefore, improving overall airflow attachment.

The SES 3.4 Disc features a disc brake specific carbon fibre rim design with no brake track. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE RIM BRAKES ON THIS WHEEL

Each SES Disc rim features a disc brake specific laminate to ensure optimal performance on disc brake equipped road, cyclocross, and triathlon bicycles. As a result of disc brake specific engineering the SES 3.4 Disc is substantially lighter than its rim brake counterpart but equally as stiff and impact resistant. This is accomplished because ENVE was able to deploy the carbon fibre that previously served the requirements for heat management to now serving the requirements for stiffness and durability.

On the road, the SES 3.4 Disc accelerates quickly thanks to reduced rim weight and inspires confidence in mountainous terrain and variable weather conditions.  


Wheelset supplied with
  • Tubeless Kit
  • Warranty/Information Book


    All Saddleback supplied disc wheelsets are built with Black Chris King R45 Disc hubs with Centerlock Disc Mountings fitted with steel bearings and Sapin CX-Ray spokes unless stated otherwise.  


    All images used are for illustrative purposes only. We may show a wheelset image that has a hub or spoke count that differs slightly from the options list. We may show a single image to cover several options. However, the options listed are correct. Please contact us if you want more details on a specific option. Wheelsets/wheels do not come with disc rotors or cassettes. 

     Rim Specification
    Depth 38mm 42mm
    Internal Width 21mm 21mm
    External Width 27.5mm 27.5mm
    Hole Count 24 24
    Effective Rim Diameter 580mm 573mm
    Aero Optimized Tire Size 25c 25c
    Tubeless Compatible Yes Yes


    Clincher Specification




    Rim 390g 397g 787g
    Wheelset - Chris King R45 CL 659g 798g 1457g



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