ENVE SES 5.6 Wheelset - Centerlock Disc Brake

£3,150.00 – £3,300.00

The ENVE SES 5.6 Disc Wheelset is the ultimate in disc brake specific, aerodynamic, and lightweight road race wheelset and has been optimized aerodynamically and structurally for disc use... Read more

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The ENVE SES 5.6 Disc Wheelset is the ultimate in disc brake specific, aerodynamic, and lightweight road race wheelset and has been optimized aerodynamically and structurally for disc use.

Designed for road cyclists and triathletes on disc brake bikes looking to benefit from the SES 5.6 Disc's reduced drag, lightweight design, and rim shape optimized for larger volume road tires.

Most "disc brake" wheelsets are simply repurposed rim brake wheels with disc hubs. The elimination of a braking surface opens up the realm of aerodynamic and structural possibilities. When you don't have to engineer a flat braking surface and manage high temperatures from braking, you can reduce the rim's weight, adjust shape for improved aerodynamics and provide better tubeless performance.

Disc brake technology offers improved braking performance for amateur and professional road cyclists alike. Carbon fibre braking surfaces are a major design constraint that limits weight savings and rim design. By removing the constraints of a braking surface, you can completely rethink the shape of the rim.

The SES 5.6 Disc features patented SES rim curvature but have been further optimized for disc brakes. Additionally, the SES 5.6 Disc carbon fibre clinchers and tubulars are very lightweight because the material used for heat management has been eliminated. This allows for a more structurally efficient and impact resistant rim.

Finally, the SES 5.6 Disc carbon clincher is road tubeless compatible and can still be run with standard inner tubes and tires. Like the current generation SES carbon clinchers and tubulars, the 5.6 Disc has been aerodynamically optimized around 25mm tires. 


Wheelset supplied with
  • Tubeless Kit
  • Warranty/Information Book


    All Saddleback supplied disc wheelsets are built with Black Chris King R45 Disc hubs with Centerlock Disc Mountings fitted with steel bearings and Sapin CX-Ray spokes unless stated otherwise.  


    All images used are for illustrative purposes only. We may show a wheelset image that has a hub or spoke count that differs slightly from the options list. We may show a single image to cover several options. However, the options listed are correct. Please contact us if you want more details on a specific option. Wheelsets/wheels do not come with disc rotors or cassettes

     Rim Specification
    Depth 54mm 63mm
    Internal Width 19mm 19mm
    External Width 28.75mm 28mm
    Hole Count 24 24
    Effective Rim Diameter 550mm 533mm
    Aero Optimized Tire Size 25c 25c
    Tubeless Compatible YES YES


    Clincher Specification 



    Rim 450g 470g 920g
    Wheelset - Chris King R45 CL 717g 841g 1558g


     Tubular Specification



    Rim 384g 406g 784g
    Wheelset - Chris King R45 CL 646g 781g 1427g




    Known for the fastest, strongest and lightest handmade-in-the-USA carbon wheels, ENVE has had a spectacular rise to the top of the cycling world. Truly made for riders by riders, ENVE's product range of full carbon wheels, carbon stems, bars, seatposts and forks is the result of the team's desire to make the sport we love even more enjoyable. Meanwhile strong ties to the top levels of road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon mean pro feedback has helped hone ENVE's products into the ultimate performance upgrades. Read more about ENVE.


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