ENVE SES Aero TT Bar/Stem Combination - Team Dimension Data Limited Edition


ENVE SES Aero TT Handlebar and Stem Combo The ultra lightweight and infinatly adjustable SES Aero Bar and extensions supplied with negative rise shrouded aero stem. The stem features "a hand up - not a hand out" logo from the Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka livery. .. Read more

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ENVE SES Aero TT Handlebar and Stem Combo The ultra lightweight and infinatly adjustable SES Aero Bar and extensions supplied with negative rise shrouded aero stem. The stem features "a hand up - not a hand out" logo from the Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka livery. 

The SES Aero TT Stem is made from machined aluminium and features ports to route cables and housing through the stem and into the top tube of the bicycle. A structural shroud hides the cables and housing while providing the stem with its efficient shape and streamlined aesthetic. With multiple base bar, armrest, and extension positions, the SES Aero Bar provides an optimal rider fitment and aero position.

 Bike and rider make up the system that must overcome aerodynamic drag to go faster. Reducing drag requires optimizing the rider’s position and equipment. ENVE have always approached aerodynamic development by evaluating the system as a whole.

The SES Aero Bar is no different. First, ENVE made the bar as adjustable as possible so that the rider can achieve their optimal position on the bike. Second, they worked on the shapes of the bar itself to reduce the bar’s aerodynamic drag. The end result is an aero handlebar that offers virtually unlimited adjustability and unprecedented aero performance.


It is a well-documented fact that the most effective way to reduce aerodynamic drag is to optimize your position on the bike. To do this you need a handlebar that is highly adjustable so that a broad range of body types can find this position. The SES Aero Bar is the most adjustable triathlon and time-trial specific aero handlebar on the market and features some unique adjustments that other bars do not. Of note is that high levels of adjustability do not have to be synonymous with complicated to work on.

Every adjustment on the SES Aero Bar can be made with a 4 mm hex wrench. The base bar is constructed of 100% uni-directional carbon fibre and features internal cable and wire housing for compatibility with Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo systems.

The base bar is 40 cm wide with an aggressive forward sweep that reduces aerodynamic drag without infringing upon dimensional ratio limitations set forth by the UCI. This unique shape helps save weight making it one of the lightest triathlon and TT aero bar options on the market. The base bar is also reversible and provides 21 mm of positive or negative drop and with a 31.8 clamp allows for fine-tuning of bar’s tilt.

On the road, the base bar dampens vibrations well and provides confidence-inspiring stiffness on technical descents and through aggressive corners.

The full-carbon fibre extensions can be cut to either a J-bend, S-bend, or straight style depending upon rider preference.

Additional extensions can be purchased as well should multiple extensions be desired. The extension and armrest towers allow for 15 degrees of extension angle adjustment and the towers can be stacked from as low as 15 mm off the base bar to as high as 90 mm.

The extensions may be run below or above the base bar. The pad carrier features an 8 hole pattern that can be reversed to fine tune the position of the elbow pads and width.

Should riders seek a wider position than the max of 200 mm spacers may be purchased to extend the extensions and pad carriers out an additional 50 mm. 


ENVE SES Aero TT Handlebar
Weight 650g
Width 40cm
Drop/Rise +/-21mm
Spacers 5, 10, 20mm
Ext. Angle Adjust +/-15 Degrees
Min/Max Pad Width 125 - 250mm
Min/Max Pad Height 15-90mm
Clamp 31.8mm
Weight 490g
Length 85mm
Clamp 31.8mm
Angle -27 degrees
ENVE SES Bar/Stem Combo
Weight 1140g


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