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PUSH ElevenSix Body Assembly - Gen1

£650.00 – £700.00

An integral part of the PUSH ElevenSix Shock, the ElevenSix body is the heart of improved rear suspension performance, precision made at PUSH HQ in Colorado... Read more

Knolly ChilcotinKnolly Chilcotin
Knolly DeliriumKnolly Delirium
Knolly Warden AlloyKnolly Warden Alloy
Knolly Warden CarbonKnolly Warden Carbon
Kona Process 153 27.5 – 2018Kona Process 153 27.5 – 2018
Niner RIP 9 RDO 2017 Aluminum – 2017-2018Niner RIP 9 RDO 2017 Aluminum – 2017-2018
Niner RIP 9 RDO 2017 Carbon – 2017-2018Niner RIP 9 RDO 2017 Carbon – 2017-2018
Norco Range – 2015-2016Norco Range – 2015-2016
Norco Sight – 2018Norco Sight – 2018
Orbea RallonOrbea Rallon
Rocky Mountain Slayer – 2018Rocky Mountain Slayer – 2018
SantaCruz Nomad V4SantaCruz Nomad V4
SantaCruz 5010 – 2016-2018SantaCruz 5010 – 2016-2018
SantaCruz Bronson - V2SantaCruz Bronson - V2
SantaCruz HightowerSantaCruz Hightower
SantaCruz Hightower LTSantaCruz Hightower LT
SantaCruz Nomad V3 27.5SantaCruz Nomad V3 27.5
Scott Genius LT – 2016-2017Scott Genius LT – 2016-2017
SantaCruz Megatower 2019SantaCruz Megatower 2019
SantaCruz 5010 (V3) – 2019SantaCruz 5010 (V3) – 2019
Specialized Stumpjumper (not ST or EVO) – 2019Specialized Stumpjumper (not ST or EVO) – 2019
Pivot Firebird 29 2019Pivot Firebird 29 2019
Specialized Enduro 29 – 2020Specialized Enduro 29 – 2020
115-135 lbs115-135 lbs
136-195 lbs136-195 lbs
196-235 lbs196-235 lbs
135-195 lbs135-195 lbs
195-245 lbs195-245 lbs
245-265 lbs245-265 lbs
115-165 lbs115-165 lbs
165-225 lbs165-225 lbs
225-255 lbs225-255 lbs
115-175 lbs.115-175 lbs.
175-225 lbs.175-225 lbs.
225-255 lbs.225-255 lbs.
115-180 lbs115-180 lbs
180-235 lbs180-235 lbs
235-255 lbs235-255 lbs
110-155 lbs.110-155 lbs.
155-215 lbs.155-215 lbs.
215-245 lbs.215-245 lbs.
115-140 lbs.115-140 lbs.
140-185 lbs140-185 lbs
185-245 lbs185-245 lbs
245-265 lbs.245-265 lbs.
110-170 lbs110-170 lbs
170-230 lbs.170-230 lbs.
230-260 lbs.230-260 lbs.
120-130 lbs120-130 lbs
130-170 lbs130-170 lbs
170-225 lbs170-225 lbs
195-235 lbs195-235 lbs
225-245 lbs225-245 lbs
180-225 lbs180-225 lbs
120 - 160lbs120 - 160lbs
160 - 210lbs160 - 210lbs
210 - 240lbs210 - 240lbs
115 - 180lbs115 - 180lbs
135 - 195lbs135 - 195lbs
195 - 225lbs195 - 225lbs
180 - 225lbs180 - 225lbs
110 - 135lbs110 - 135lbs
110-180 lbs110-180 lbs
180-240 lbs180-240 lbs
240-270 lbs240-270 lbs
115-185 lbs115-185 lbs
95-125 lbs95-125 lbs
125-185 lbs125-185 lbs
185-215 lbs185-215 lbs
£1,150.00 £700.00

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SKU: PU116-740


An integral part of the PUSH ElevenSix Shock, the ElevenSix body is the heart of improved rear suspension performance, precision made at PUSH HQ in Colorado.

Please note this is the ElevenSix body only. We do not recommend purchasing this product on its own. If you're shopping for an ElevenSix shock, click the button below.


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