Brendan Fairclough Goes Skiing

By Stan Portus –  28 February 2020

In the second episode of his video series ‘A Dog’s Life’ Brendan Fairclough takes his mountain bike slalom skiing in Châtel, France.

Taking his bike through the woods via a couple of snow-covered ski slopes in Châtel, France, Brendan Fairclough discovers some of Vinny T’s local trails.

This is the second in Fairclough’s four-part series ‘A Dog’s Life’, that sees him travelling the world discovering some amazing trails and showing off some incredibly fast riding in the process. The first video saw Brendog exploring Madeira. The next will see him in South Africa, and the last will be back in the UK. 

Brendog uses some of the best equipment going for mountain biking, from f Troy Lee Designs, Chris King, and ENVE. Check out the video below.   

Photos: Maxime Rambaud

Film: Aspect Media