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ENVE's reputation for crafting the fastest, lightest and strongest cycling upgrades, including wheels, bars, stems and forks, has seen the U.S. company take its rightful place at the top of the road cycling and mountain biking worlds.

Engineering expertise combined with a true passion for cycling within the ENVE team is what makes the brand’s products the best of their kind.

Not only has ENVE pioneered several firsts within the industry, including moulded spoke holes and moulded textured brake tracks, but also secured a host of game-changing wins. For example, the first victorious carbon wheels in a downhill World Cup in 2010, not to mention the first DH World Cup victory with 29-inch wheels in 2017, were achieved using ENVE wheelsets.

All of this success has come about through ENVE’s carbon mastery and determination to create products that the ENVE team themselves want to ride with, not to mention the brand’s strong ties with professional teams.

The latter ensure ENVE's product range of full carbon wheels, carbon stems, bars, seatposts and forks is thoroughly tested in full-on conditions by top riders before being released for public consumption. Thus, ENVE’s customers can expect excellence in every carbon product.


ENVE SES 4.5 Wheelset

Originally designed to tackle the cobbled surfaces of Paris Roubaix, the SES 4.5 has a front wheel shaped for crosswind stability, paired with a back wheel designed to minimise drag (50mm front and 56mm rear). Optimised around a 27mm tyre, this lightweight package will not only give you confidence and stability you need, but also an aero advantage on rolling terrain that will let you ‘Go Fast Everywhere.’

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Hero shot of the shiny top three quarters of an ENVE SES 4.5 wheel against a deep grey background
Side on studio shot of ENVE Foundation wheelset against a white background

ENVE Foundation 45mm Wheelset

The ENVE Foundation 45mm (45mm front and rear) shares many of the great technologies of the premium SES wheelset, including the patented Moulded Spoke Holes that offer maximum strength and Wide Hookless Bead to help minimise pinch flats, all in a light package of unbeatable value. Best optimised for a 25-28mm tyre, the Foundation 45 offers the mixed-terrain capabilities that the modern road rider needs.

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ENVE SES AR Handlebar

The ENVE SES AR Handlebar earns its All Road credentials through its carbon laminate construction, tough enough to absorb vibrations and deliver comfort on any surface. Meanwhile, its top cross section has been refined to reduce drag. Hidden cable and wire routing, along with flared drops that deliver control while being narrow enough for use in the peloton, round out this superb handlebar. 

View from in front and above of the ENVE SES AR Handlebar fixed to a purple bike being held up by cyclist
Black ENVE logo on a white background
A man at ENVE HQ layering up carbon fibre parts


For over a decade, ENVE has led the cycling wheels and components sector with its unique and beautiful carbon creations. ENVE's engineering expertise, unbeatable carbon knowledge and control over its products' production processes means that every high-end product is free from design, material or manufacturing compromise.

Whether browsing the brand's handmade-in-the-USA wheel ranges or its stunningly strong, ludicrously light collection of bars, stems, forks and seatposts, you'll find no lower tier of products here. If it bears the ENVE logo, it's the best product of its kind that there is.

The US brand's dedication to racing performance is underlined by its products' use at the sport's very highest levels. Commencal/Vallnord riders push ENVE's M Series wheels, cockpits and seatposts to the limits at DH World Cup races. EOLO-KOMETA tests ENVE's SES wheels and components during the rigours of the Giro d’Italia and the world's fastest triathletes rely on ENVE for speed, stability and comfort in the toughest conditions.

why enve's products are coveted

A hundred percent of the brand’s high performance carbon rims, plus its wheels, hubs and stems, are manufactured in the US. Being US-made isn’t simply a patriotic thing, it’s the secret behind ENVE’s mastery of carbon.

First, it ensures the highest manufacturing quality, as each carbon fibre part is hand-made by the brand’s own experts at its Ogden, Utah HQ. The brand is in full control of the process from start to finish, so can guarantee that every product will meet its sky-high standards.

Second, and most critically, being US-made ensures faster product development cycles. Having the designers, engineers, testing and prototyping facilities all under one roof allows ENVE to respond quickly to tester feedback and create prototypes within weeks or days, rather than months. It’s therefore easier to make multiple revisions until a product is perfect. Final production of a product in response to the identification of a need will take months rather than years.

This agility, along with the company’s professional links and the profusion of cyclists within its ranks, ensures that ENVE is always at the very forefront of the industry, identifying requirements itself or responding to new trends more quickly than its competitors.

Closeup of carbon fibre layup on the bottom bracket of the ENVE Melee bike frame

enve and Saddleback

ENVE joined the Saddleback family in January 2011 and since then ENVE rims with ENVE or Chris King hubs, laced with Sapim spokes, have been our go-to for wheel building. We have a team of Master Wheel Builders at our UK HQ, so you can be sure that each ENVE wheel we sell has not only been hand-built here, with exceptional care and attention, but that all custom builds, servicing, Customer Service and Warranty queries will be handled by the very same skilled team.

All of this work is undertaken in a spotless, tailor-made facility built to the specifications set out by our wheel builders, who have access to a de-stressing jig and the best tools in the business, including those crafted by another of our brands, Abbey Bike Tools. You can rest assured that your ENVE wheelset will be strong, lasting, aerodynamic and a pleasure to ride on. ENVE products are also backed by Incidental Damage Protection – getting you back on ENVE quickly, if the worst happens.