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 Bespoke Wheel building

Thanks to our in-house, custom wheel building facility, Saddleback’s master wheel builders are able to hand build wheels of unrivalled quality.

Undivided attention, care and a wealth of experience elevate already top-grade components into lasting wheelsets.

From choosing your dream wheelset to servicing and after care, rest assured you’re receiving the finest treatment from the heart of performance cycling.

Attention to Detail

Even the very best machine-built wheel can never match the lasting performance of a hand-built wheel – that’s why we build every wheel in-house by hand here in the UK. Each wheel we build will get the undivided attention of our master wheel builders for as long as required to ensure that your wheels can’t possibly be improved.

What this means for you is that your wheels will stay true for longer, your components will perform at their maximum capability and future service costs will be reduced – a win all round.

A Wealth of Experience

With thousands of wheels under their belts – including countless wheelsets built for world-class professional athletes riding everything from DH, XC, cyclocross and road – our master wheel builders have refined exactly what is required to build the perfect wheelset.

Their intricate knowledge and devotion mean that you can get wheels tailor-made for exactly what your intended usage is – there really is no limit. Planning on riding a tandem across the Gobi Desert? Road racing competitively on a regular basis? Commuting on gravel? We’ve got it sorted.

Whilst Chris King hubs laced to ENVE rims with Sapim spokes are our go-to choice for truly lasting performance, we understand that you might also have your own preferences – we’ve built onto Mavic Open Pro or Stans Rims and are always looking to expand our build options, if of course it’ll improve your ride experience.

Master Builder Profile

Name:  Rob Borek 

Bio: I take care of ENVE and Chris King customer service and warranty, dealing with the whole process from your first contact through to carrying out the work on hubs and wheels and getting them delivered to your door.

When I’m not building wheels, I can usually be found riding, eating, or trying to play 80s saxophone solos.

Preferred Riding Discipline: I ride pretty much everything but my niche is probably hill climbing… usually carried out on an obsessively modified 4.5kg fixed wheel bike.  

Dream Bike: I’ve always lusted after a Rob English steel time trial bike.

Favourite wheel: Anything with a Chris King hub in the middle, but I love the SES 2.2, they're super light and stiff whilst remaining incredibly strong.

Guilty Pleasure: Pork Scratchings. Loads of them.

Master Builder Profile

Name: Charles Coleman

Bio: I keep the wheel department flowing as smoothly as possible! I've been juggling spanners and spoke wrenches for over 10 years and love anything fine-tuned, custom or out of the ordinary.

Preferred Riding Discipline: I ride everything – XC, Enduro, Road, Gravel, TT, Fixed, the lot!

Dream Bike: A Cielo Road Racer – or anything by Firefly, their work is incredible.

Favourite Wheel: Anything with a Chris King in it.

Guilty Pleasure: My summer ride is a 1965 Lambretta and in winter it’s a 1973 Land Rover.

Master Builder Profile

Name: Wayne Osmond

Bio: I build all the new wheel for our customers. So, if you’ve got a new set of ENVE wheels on your bike, they were probably built by me.

Preferred Riding Discipline:  I love beasting round time trial courses. But I’m on my bike everyday whether that’s commuting, out on the lunchtime ride we have at Saddleback, or on the turbo. 

Dream Bike:  I’m lucky enough to own my dream bike, and that’s a Look 795 Blade RS.

Favourite Wheel:  I just built some ENVE 5.6 with silver Chris King hubs for my bike and they’re amazing. ENVE 4.5 ARs are also mint.

Guilty Pleasure: Beetroot every day! 


Our wheel builders pride themselves not only on making phenomenal wheelsets but providing the lasting care and attention you need to get the most out of each and every ride.

Whether you’re looking to discuss your options about a potential wheel build or want to find out more about how to care for your wheels, our builders are always more than happy to share their expertise on the phone or via email.

If down the line your wheels need servicing, rest assured we operate on a super-fast turnaround so you won’t have to wait before you can get back out on the roads, trails and tracks.

Bespoke Facility

Saddleback’s state-of-the-art in-house wheel-building facility has been constructed according to specifications determined by our master wheel builders. Far removed from a man in a shed, but utilising that same care and devotion, our facility provides a dust-free, dedicated environment needed for the construction of top-tier wheels.

Whilst our wheels are entirely built by hand, we’ve opted to avoid the traditional method of ‘stressing’ a wheel – i.e. a hard floor and some brute force. Our custom, precision-engineered de-stressing jig eliminates human inconsistencies in stressing wheels so you can be confident that your wheelset is fully ride-optimised and built to last.

If you’ve got any questions or want to find out more about the options available, don’t hesitate to contact our service team. 


The majority of our builds are ENVE wheels, but we also build on Mavic and Stans rims with a choice of Chris King, ENVE, DT Swiss or Industry Nine hubs. If you're interested in a custom wheel build, but can't find what you're looking for on our site, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Call: 01454 285285

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