ENVE Wheels

ENVE has a reputation for crafting the fastest, lightest, and strongest wheels for road cycling, mountain biking and triathlon, and it's the industry leader in carbon fibre technology. ENVE's rims are handmade from raw unidirectional carbon fibre at ENVE’s HQ in Utah, USA.

ENVE’s carbon road wheels have been tested in the crucible of pro racing at the Grand Tours and during the gruelling Spring Classics. Its SES disc wheel is a favourite with Time Trialists seeking the ultimate aero advantage. The SES 7.8 deep section aero wheelset has been proven time and again by professional road cyclists and triathletes.

Launched in 2014, the M Series continues to revolutionise what mountain bikers can expect from carbon fibre mountain bike wheels, or in fact any MTB wheelset. Saddleback hand builds all ENVE wheels in-house to tolerances that you won’t find with factory-built wheels, on ENVE or Chris King hubs.

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