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Sidi is the original cycling shoe innovator and has continued to refine the connection between rider and pedal for over 40 years. Over this time, the Italian brand's shoes have been used to win just about every race in road cycling including the Giro, Tour and Vuelta.

Often imitated, Sidi's influence on the world of cycling cannot be overstated: if it's a feature that's become standard in high-end cycling shoe design, the chances are it originates with this prestigious Italian brand, while professional riders and true cyclists alike flock to the brand for its iconic style, sumptuous comfort and proven performance.


In over four decades of creating cycling shoes, Sidi has earned an incomparable reputation for innovative design and an enviably close association with professional cycling. The brand has long been recognised as the driving force behind cycling shoe development and the abundance of Sidi-wearing Grand Tour winners and world champions have established its credentials for comfort and performance at the highest levels of the sport.

All this industry-leading development shows Sidi's continued drive to be first and the company's dedication in pursuit of perfecting the interface between rider and bike. It's these qualities that makes Sidi the most respected cycling footwear brand in the world. 

Sidi joined Saddleback in September 2015, the perfect stylistic and performance counterpart to fellow Italian brand Castelli.


Sidi Shot

The Shot is the latest road cycling shoe offering from Sidi and is like nothing else in the range. Whilst it does contain all of the features you'd expect to find on any top-end Sidi product, there are a few elements which set this ahead of the competition. 
Firstly, the new Double Tecno-3 Push Retention System sits along the centre of the shoe, rather than on the outside. Not only does this offer improved aerodynamics, but a symmetrical closure means an even better custom fit. 

The Shot also has a nice little sliding vent on the Vent Carbon Sole which allows the rider to tailor the airflow depending on their personal preference and riding conditions. 

The incredibly stiff 3k carbon sole balances performance and ergonomics perfectly by offering a slight give in the toe area for extra comfort. The heel pad and toe guard are easily replaceable if they become worn following any Froome/Mont Ventoux-style running up climbs! 

The Microfibre Techpro upper is very similar to that of the incredibly popular Sidi Wire Carbon Road Shoe, however it has embossed graphics which allow for better internal airflow.

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