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On nearly every WorldTour podium, you’ll find a pair of Sidi shoes, if not three! Built on tradition and spurred to new heights by the best testers in the world, the pros, Sidi remains one of the most celebrated brands in the industry.

Sidi has been a big name in footwear since 1960, originally for the hiking and motorcycling industry, but later in Dino Signori’s own area of passion, cycling. A racing cyclist in his youth, he understood the problems presented by the day’s cycling shoes and was the first to come up with an adjustable shoe plate fixing system in 1973, the precursor for today’s adjustable cleats.

Since then, he and Sidi’s dedicated team have continued to refine the connection between rider and pedal. If a feature has become standard in high-end cycling shoe design, the chances are it originates with this prestigious Italian brand. The true mark of their success is found in their podium performance. The brand’s shoes have won just about every race in road cycling, including the Giro, Tour and Vuelta.


Shot 2 Road Shoes

The Shot 2 is Sidi’s premium race shoe, based around a light, stiff Sidi C-Boost SRS Carbon sole which transfers power to the pedals with superb efficiency. Oval holes allow the cleats to be adjusted by +/- 5mm, while a scale allows riders to always set the cleats to their favoured position. Other key features include the two Tecno-3 Push Flex dials, ensuring a secure, easily adjustable fit without pressure on the instep, an integrated heel cup and Adjustable Heel Retention Device, plus replaceable shoe inserts.

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Studio shot of a grey pair of Shot 2 road shoes from the side
Side on studio shot of sage and black Tiger 2 MTB shoes against a white background

Tiger 2 MTB Shoes

The Tiger 2 MTB Shoes share many high-quality features with the Shot 2, including the heel cup, Adjustable Heel Retention Device and Tecno-3 Push Flex closure system. However, these sturdy XC race shoes use the MTB SRS Carbon-Ground Sole, which features a replaceable reinforcement plate between the cleat and sole to prevent the sole from cracking, replaceable tread blocks in the toe and heel to prevent sole damage and toe-spike compatibility. Their anti-slip rubber toes also deflect impacts.

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Genius 10 Road Shoes

The Genuis 10 is Sidi’s all-rounder road shoe, ideal for long hours on the bike. The Carbon Composite 20 Sole is a mixture of carbon fibre for power transfer and nylon for comfort, while a polyurethane heel offers the grip needed to walk into a café. Otherwise, the Genius 10 features the integrated heel cup found in Sidi’s performance shoes, along with Tecno-3 System dials for a perfect upper fit and the Soft Instep Closure System for even pressure distribution over the instep.

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The Sidi brand mixes letters from Dino Signori’s name, and he has always striven to make shoes he’s proud to put that name to. Over the years the business has moved from a stall to a factory and spacious warehouse and machines have taken over some of the work. Even now, though, key aspects of the production, such as binding the upper to the sole, are checked and finished by hand.

Every shoe is still designed, developed and manufactured in Italy by staff who take pride in their work, while a multitude of new ideas are studied and trialled before being adopted. Innovation has thus moved hand in hand with tradition – in fact, the brand has recently taken steps to adopt green processes and packaging, without compromising the quality of its shoes.

The brand’s values and flair for fusing old and new are epitomised in the Sidi Shot 2 DZero. Decorated with five phrases used by Dino Signori, it celebrates Sidi’s history and family feel while pairing the tried and tested features of the Shot 2 with new eco-friendly materials, including a resin derived from cereals and an insole made with 95% recycled PU.

Sidi’s relationship with the pros

Deep at the heart of Sidi’s factory in Maser, Italy, is a shelf that’s full of moulds of feet, each one labelled with the name of a past or current pro cyclist or motorcycle racer. It shows that, over the years, athletes at the top of their profession have trusted Sidi to craft perfectly tailored shoes that will help them to podium at the greatest races in the world.

Behind each pair of shoes is hours of collaboration. Together, the brand and the athletes have worked to find ways to achieve greater levels of comfort and performance. Secure and fast acting closure systems, reliable heel retention systems, high levels of ventilation, light materials, firm soles and a luxurious feel are all features that pro athletes value and work with Sidi to achieve. Once these attributes have been perfected in bespoke shoes, they can be passed on to the wider customer base.

In other words, every Sidi athlete, whether active today or long retired, has helped to craft your Sidi shoes. With a champions’ roster including Grand Tour greats, like Hinault, Indurain and Froome, Classics proficient, such as Bettini, Kelly and Démare, and celebrated UCI Road World Champions or Olympians, such as Absalon and Colbrelli, there’s no doubt that Sidi’s shoes are refined by the best cyclists in the world.

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Sidi and Saddleback

All this industry-leading development demonstrates Sidi's continued drive to be first and the company's dedication to perfecting the interface between rider and bike. It's these qualities that makes Sidi the most respected cycling footwear brand in the world.

Sidi joined Saddleback in September 2015 and is the perfect stylistic and performance counterpart to fellow Italian brand Castelli.