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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools creates game changing tools of the highest quality for the use of pro or home mechanics. Any product it releases will occupy a niche or perform its defined task better than any tool on the market.

Abbey Bike Tools started with one tool. Jason Quade, who had been an aerospace welder, met Jeff Crombie when they were both pro race mechanics. Later, while Quade was working in a bike shop, Jeff approached him with the idea for a tool that could swap or remove cassettes, without the need to remove the quick release skewer. The Crombie Tool was born.

After the Crombie was an instant hit, pro mechanics started asking, “What else do you have?” Luckily, Quade not only had the skills to design tools but understood the challenges mechanics face on race day – and had plenty of friends to suggest fresh problems. Every distinctive, emerald green tool the brand makes originates from a genuine need or betters the action of an existing tool.


Dual Sided Crombie Tool

The Crombie Tool is deceptively simple. The prototype was a Shimano lock-ring tool with a hole drilled in it, allowing it to fit over the quick-release skewer, welded to a handle. It now has a dual-sided lock-ring tool, one side dealing with Shimano or SRAM cassettes, the other Campagnolo, and is precision machined for precise engagement and durability. Choose the solid handle for shop use or a hollowed-out version for race use.

Shop Dual Sided Crombie Tool
A closeup of head of a shiny double sided Abbey Bike Tools Crombie Tool
A full length studio shot of the emerald green Abbey Bike Tools Hanger Alignment Gauge from the side

Hanger Alignment Gauge

Measuring 28cm when collapsed, the HAG features replaceable brass bushings in the head for longevity, reamed for smooth T-bolt action. The handle spins 360 degrees around obstacles like the seat stay, while the gauge stick tucks into the handle and can be locked to achieve a consistent measurement as you move the point of reference around the rim. Tight tolerances limit play, ensuring an exceptionally low margin of error and better drivetrain performance. The HAG can also be combined with the lever setter to ensure your levers are always perfectly matched each side of your bars.

Shop Hanger Alignment Gauge

Saw Guide

The Abbey Bike Tools Saw Guide has one slot for a carbon blade, another for aluminium. It is solidly made and heavy, so won’t shift when you’re putting muscle into trimming your steer tube, yet it’s small enough to fit into any toolbox. Best of all, a removable section can be placed around the steerer tube, so that when you’re dealing with integrated headsets and internal cables, there’s no need to disassemble the frame and fork.

Shop Saw Guide
A studio shot against a white background of the emerald tinged Abbey Bike Tools Saw Guide
Plain black Abbey Bike Tools logo on a white background
CEO Jason Quade wearing an Abbey Bike Tools mask and cutting a tool


Since creating the “heirloom quality” Crombie Tool, which won rave reviews in both VeloNews and Bikerumour, Jason Quade has stuck to his mission to “build the best quality bike tools on the market”, rather than using inferior materials or cutting corners to boost profits.

As a former aviation industry welder and Pro Tour mechanic, he appreciates the need for cycling tools that are built for purpose and utterly reliable in fulfilling it. That’s why the brand’s products are unbeatable. They are built to last and designed to help professional and home mechanics alike handle any job they are likely to encounter.

For proof that Abbey Bike Tools is the best, see the list of pro teams and mechanics the brand works with. Apart from Jeff Crombie, now Service Course Manager for a World Cup Team, they supply Team Sky veteran Alan Williams, World Cup mechanics John Hall of Intense Factory Racing and Brad Copeland of SCOTT-SRAM, Verg from Scott Sports and shop owners Drew Hartman and Jim O’Brian, from On Your Left Cycles in Kentucky and The Right Gear Cycling Shop in North Carolina.

What makes an Abbey Bike Tool

Based in Bend, Oregon, Abbey Bike Tools has built its name not only on unique creations like the Crombie Tool and the Harbor Gauge, but the accomplished workmanship behind its meticulously finished, famously green tools.

Attention to detail has become more critical in recent years, with bike design having changed beyond all recognition since the year 2000. For example, modern builds squeeze 13 cogs into a space previously used for eight, which means that any slight issue with hanger alignment becomes a big deal, affecting overall performance. The tools used on bikes must therefore keep up with their development.

Abbey Bike Tools’ design focuses are tool engagement – the little details in a socket or lockring tool that can have a big impact on how well a tool will mate with a part – plus durability and handling feel, hence the motto, “precision is our religion”. Although this painstaking manufacturing process takes time, it pays dividends when the tools are in use, saving mechanics time and effort on race day.

The brand has furthermore committed to manufacturing solely in the US, to ensure consistency when it comes to the materials used and the skillsets applied to the production of the tools.

A metal tool, a wooden hammer and another metal tool lying in polystyrene in a box

Abbey Bike tools and Saddleback

Abbey Bike Tools joined Saddleback in November 2021, with both parties sharing a commitment to offer top quality products to the cycling industry, made using the best materials and crafted by experts.

We are the sole UK distributor for the brand, and to us, that distinctive flash of British Racing Green is like the Snap-On logo when it appears on car and motorbike tools – an instant herald of industry knowledge and premium quality.