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Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools

Abbey Bike Tools won’t create a product that doesn’t meet a need or improve on an existing tool. That’s the reason the Abbey name is seen as a stamp of quality throughout the cycling world.

Abbey Bike Tools owner Jason Quade has stuck to his mission to ‘build the best quality bike tools on the market’, rather than use inferior materials to boost profits. As a former aviation industry welder and Pro Tour mechanic, he appreciates the need for cycling industry tools that are crafted for a purpose and are totally reliable in fulfilling it. That’s why the brand’s products, including their chain whips, BB sockets and the legendary Crombie Tool, are simply unbeatable. 

Abbey Bike Tools
Abbey Bike Tools – Fork Wrench

ABOUT Abbey Bike Tools

The Abbey name was originally attached to a small-scale endeavour by Jason Quade and a former colleague to build bike frames of their own design. The tool element crept in after Quade met and bonded with a fellow aviation industry alumnus, John Crombie, at a Bill Woodul Race Mechanics Clinic in 2010.

Two years later, Crombie got a job with Canadian pro team SpiderTech and wanted a tool that would allow him to check lockrings on a daily basis, without removing the quick-release skewers. He commissioned his friend to create it – and the Crombie Tool was born.

With a bit of refining, it became the must-have tool that every pro mechanic wanted, with word of mouth spreading after Quade gave some to friends on the circuit. Mechanics cleaned out their pockets to get one as he walked the pits, and two Crombie Tools sent to VeloNews and Bikerumor secured five-star reviews, with the former dubbing it 'my new favourite tool' and the latter publication calling it an ‘heirloom tool’.

Soon fans of his work were asking Quade what else he had up his sleeve, so he went back to the drawing board for new ideas. Suddenly, Abbey Bike Tools went from a 'those-in-the-know' brand to one of the cycling industry’s most respected names.

Abbey Bike Tools – Fork Wrench
Abbey Bike Tools - Unfinished Tools

Peace Of Mind For Bike Mechanics

Rather than resting on their laurels after creating the landmark Crombie Tool, the Abbey team has created an arsenal of tools that are not only built to last but designed to help professional mechanics and cycling fanatics handle any job they are likely to encounter.

In fact, as part of its commitment to only designing unbeatable tools, Abbey Bike Tools has hand-picked components for a fully stocked Team Issue Toolbox, using not only the brand's own fit-for-purpose tools, but products from Knipex, Wera and other assorted brands that they couldn’t better. It’s your one-stop-shop for bike repair.

For proof that the Abbey Bike Tools range is considered the best in the business, look no further than the list of pro teams and mechanics that the brand works with. Apart from Jeff Crombie, who is now Service Course Manager for a World Cup team, they supply Team Sky veteran Alan Williams, World Cup mechanics John Hall of Intense Factory Racing and Brad Copeland of SCOTT-SRAM, Verg from Scott Sports and shop owners Drew Hartman and Jim O’Brian, who represent On Your Left Cycles in Kentucky and The Right Gear in North Carolina respectively.

Abbey Bike Tools - Unfinished Tools

Abbey Bike Tools and Saddleback

Abbey Bike Tools joined Saddleback in November 2021, with our shared commitment to offering top quality products to the cycling industry creating a natural kinship. Abbey Bike Tools' products are made only of the best materials and are crafted by in-house experts who truly care about the calibre of the end result. This commitment makes them the perfect match for our own team of cycling obsessives.

Based in Bend, Oregon, Abbey Bike Tools joins the likes of Chris King and ENVE as one of our highly prized US marques. We’re thrilled to bring this brand to more riders in the UK, who will come to see the distinctive ‘A’ logo as an instant herald of quality and find that the brand's tools are the perfect accompaniment for working on beloved bicycles.

Key Products

Crombie Tool – Dual Sided

This Crombie Tool has one simple job: to swap or remove cassettes. There’s no need to remove the quick release skewer before using the Crombie, nor reach for a separate lockring tool for different cassette types – all of which saves time for busy mechanics. It’ll also fit any Centerlock rotors that use a regular cassette lockring.

The dual sided Crombie Tool has one side for Shimano and SRAM cassettes, while the other takes care of Campagnolo cassettes. A precision machined, splined end ensures maximum engagement, improving its ease of use and ensuring it will neither fly off the lockring nor strip your threads. This makes it a great tool to keep handy, whether working in the pits, the shop or your own garage.

The Crombie Tool also makes the perfect partner for the Abbey Bike Tools Whip-It Chain Whip.

Abbey Bike Tools – Crombie Tool
Abbey Bike Tools – 4-Way Multi-tool

4-Way Multi-tool

As the name implies, this tool has four quarter inch drive stainless steel replaceable bits and it comes with five different pre-selected bit combinations to let you customise the perfect tool for your needs. As ends wear out, or you alter your equipment, you can swap around the bits accordingly.

The 4-Way Multi-Tool is compact enough to slip into a jersey or a seat bag and the stainless steel bits have been specially chosen and crafted for top quality and an excellent bite, meaning they won’t twist as you try to loosen tight bolts. The anodized aluminium frame won’t rust either and is designed to feel great in your hand. calls it ‘a forever tool that adapts as your equipment changes’.


HangEr Alignment Gauge (HAG)

This tool personifies Abbey Bike Tools’ motto, ‘Precision is our religion’, since if the alignment of a bike’s derailleur hanger is marginally out, its shifting will suffer. Luckily, the HAG’s tolerance is as tight as a quarter of a thousandth of an inch in some dimensions, so accuracy isn’t an issue! It packs down to 11 inches, then telescopes to reveal a feeler gauge stored in the handle that will let professional mechanics check hanger alignment quickly and with confidence.

Compatible with 26, 27.5/650B and 700/29 wheels, it works as both a measuring tool and a pry bar, letting you adjust the hanger to achieve optimum results. The HAG works with a silky-smooth action, fits most bikes and can swivel around frames to access awkward hangers. It’s also rebuildable. called it, ‘The last word in derailleur alignment precision: a tool you'll love for life.’

Abbey Bike Tools – HAG Tool
Abbey Bike Tools – HAG Tool

Harbor Dishing Gauge

Abbey Bike Tools’ Harbor Dishing Gauge came about after Tracy Rome, the wife of CyclingTips journalist Dave Rome, got in touch to ask the brand surprise him with a custom-made tool for his 30th birthday. The birthday boy said the dishing instrument reminded him of Harbor Bridge in Sydney, hence its name.

The aluminium gauge is compatible with 20-29 inch wheels with any hub and has feet that make it possible to check the truing with the tyre in place. Its button-operated plunger offers smooth action, and it gauges quickly and accurately, making shop life easier and giving you confidence that every rim is perfectly on dish.

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