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Kogel Bearings makes every pedal stroke count by engineering the highest quality bearings and components. With the motto "Just because it fits, doesn't make it right", it has developed native solutions to almost every frame and crank combination.

Christened after the Dutch word for the ball bearings in a bearing, Kogel has put bearings, a component that is usually at the bottom of the build spec sheet, at the heart of its offering. Its signature bearings are fast running and underpin its mission to achieve guaranteed performance and the best experience.

Its solutions – ceramic bottom brackets, oversized derailleur cages, oversized derailleur pulleys and a range of accessories – promote speed and an improved riding experience, which is why so many pro teams and athletes trust Kogel.


Bottom Brackets

Kogel’s Bottom Brackets are set apart by three things. The quality of their ceramic bearings, which are smooth and symmetrical, with strict tolerances, making them faster and more efficient than steel bearings. Their seals, which lower friction in road bikes or keep mud and water out of cross bikes or MTBs. And their quality, with Kogel using the best materials and ensuring that they’re stiff and stable enough for purpose.

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This oversized derailleur cage extracts the best possible performance from your drivetrain. The length of the cage means a more relaxed chain angle, while the two large wheels ensure there is less articulation. The result is less friction, less drag and smoother gear changes, so you’ll achieve more speed with less effort on every pedal rotation.

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Oversized Pulley Wheels

The Oversized Pulley Wheels deliver maximum speed and consistent shifting when paired with large, modern cassettes. Their large tooth count means less articulation of the chain with each turn of the pedals, so less friction and smoother action, while Kogel’s performance bearings ensure trouble-free, precise shifting. Lower the friction further by upgrading to full ceramic bearings.

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A promising mountain biker since the age of 16, and later a licensed bike shop owner in Belgium, Ard Kessels found it frustrating that $10k bikes, expected to cope with heavy impacts, would often rely on poor quality, $1 bearings.

When a move to the US forced him to sell his shop, he therefore made it his mission to design a better bearing and use it to create high quality, reliable products that he himself would be proud to use on a premium bike.

Starting out in a storage unit in El Paso, Texas, he built smooth, fast running hybrid and full ceramic bearings, and designed seals that were either aero, for road riding, or extra durable, for off-road, along with a range of bottom brackets to fit set frames, without adaptors.

Pair a quality product and guaranteed performance with excellent customer service and outstanding technical support, and you have the Kogel difference.


Pro cyclists are always looking for new ways to gain an edge over their competitors, so it’s not surprising that elite riders from every genre choose Kogel’s precision engineered products, powered by their cutting-edge bearings, to help them reach new levels.

The Kogel Collective Athletic Programme elevates the performance of racing teams, off-road athletes, road athletes, triathletes and special collaborators alike, helping them to ride faster, for longer, regardless of the conditions or terrain.

Team LIDL-Trek benefits from the efficiency and durability of Kogel’s wheel bearings and the lightness of its titanium bearings, as does the Trek Factory XC Racing Team, which counts Hattie Harden amongst its number. Even Dangerholm, the celebrated custom bike builder, appreciates the chance to brighten up a prime bike build with colourful, matching components.

Kogel isn’t just about the pros, though, it’s committed to delivering performance for every cyclist, with durable, long-lasting designs, numerous installation manuals and a best-in-industry Guaranteed Performance Warranty ensuring that its products will continue to optimise your ride.

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Kogel and Saddleback

Kogel joined Saddleback in June 2024, as Ard Kessel felt our drive to offer the best possible products, paired with the best service and aftercare in the industry, matched his brand's commitment to Guaranteed Performance.

Saddleback has its own multidisciplinary race team, so our staff appreciate the importance of optimising pedal stroke efficiency in competition, regardless of your favourite cycling genre. We’re thrilled to have Kogel on board to improve our own riding experiences, as well as those of our customers.