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As a distributor of premium cycling goods, Saddleback aims for high standards in every facet of how it conducts its business, including sustainability. Our staff care about preserving the green spaces that we delight in. The company also looks to create an environment in which staff feel included, trusted, safe and secure. As a responsible business, we aim to work with those who share these values.

When looking to run a sustainable and ethical business, we work closely with environmental, social and governance bodies to limit our negative impact and enhance our positive impact.

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We are collecting data to reduce our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions to become a Net Zero business. An external audit for decarbonisation has been performed by the West of England. We are now working with our suppliers to implement any recommendations to reduce our environmental impact. We have reduced our packaging waste and aim to recycle materials where possible.

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We offset our fleet travel with Coco+ and support is given to carbon removal projects, such as the Bhadla Solar Park in Rajastan, India, which runs 10 million solar panels with the capacity to power 4.5 million homes and drive 20 million tonnes of emissions reductions over its duration. We will do the same with our commercial travel.


We have worked hard to reduce the business’s carbon footprint. For the first 100 B2C orders we receive each month, we plant 100 trees in locations such as Madagascar and Tanzania through Ecologi. There are 12 solar panels and two Electric Vehicle charging stations on the premises and by 2027 our fleet will compose of environmetally efficient vehicles. We use electric forklifts rather than diesel and all our internal lights are LED. We’re also researching new internal strategies to reduce our electricity consumption.



Saddleback has fulfilled its recycling and recovery obligations, in line with the Packaging Producer Responsibility Obligations Regulations. Plastic has been reduced within Saddleback's packaging, which is now largely made from paper or cardboard. We actively encourage our brands and suppliers to adopt sustainable packaging. As well as cardboard, we recycle wooden pallets and don’t allow textiles to go to landfill, preferring to recycle or upcycle them. All waste is used to generate power for a local town.

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As a business, we strive to create a positive, engaging and supportive atmosphere, in a working environment where employees feel valued and good health is promoted. Saddleback is committed to ensuring that all our practices reach and exceed the expectations of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.

We wholeheartedly agree and comply with the ETI’s base code, which is founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and recognised internationally as a code of good practice. We strive to keep our workers safe and free from exploitation.

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We are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our staff and creating an enjoyable working environment. Employees can enroll on a health cash plan with associated health rewards including face to face counselling. Mental health is safeguarded by training specialist first aiders, implementing a B.U.D.I.E system and holding quarterly staff-wide wellbeing discussions.

We do what we can to ease our employees financial stress and keep up with industry wages. We also offer employees a financial health check and a life assurance policy is provided for everyone.

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As a purveyor of premium goods and a business that adheres to the Good Business Charter, we are committed to delivering an outstanding customer service experience. We respect our customers and their rights and give priority to the way customer facing staff treat people.

We display clear information on how our customers can persue such rights. Returns and Warranty information is clearly displayed on our site, as are all the contact details for our business.

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We see our suppliers as an extension of ourselves. As such, we take care to make payments on time, with all invoices being paid within the agreed terms as standard. We furthermore give clear guidance as to what is expected from our suppliers and encourage good practices in those we cooperate with.

As part of this, we believe in agreeing fair contracts, and commit to the standards set out in the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code for sourcing goods through a process of continuous due diligence.

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Saddleback has been assessed by the Good Business Foundation to adhere to responsible business practices, and subsequently accredited with the Good Business Charter. Saddleback is transparent in its business dealings, and the Board will continue to improve the company’s policies and accountability for corporate social responsibility.

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As a premium goods cycling business, we pride ourselves on offering customer service to match. We are trusted by a number of our brands to take care of their UK wheel build, warranty and servicing requirements, and we understand and honour our customers’ rights. The same is true when it comes to our returns and exchange policy.



We aim to pay employees and regularly contracted workers over and above the Living Wage. We are committed to providing the necessary training, equipment and management to maintain a healthy, safe, hygienic and inclusive working environment, and we never require employees to work excessive hours.

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Although we are not answerable to investors, we do adhere to external regulations. We are committed to making prompt payments to our suppliers and all financial records are submitted in a timely and transparent manner. We work with companies who are similarly financially responsible.