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Making things better and making better things, Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) has been blazing trails, literally and figuratively, since 1982.

Exploring the lush trails of Mount Tamalpais, in Marin County, California on ill-equipped cruisers, Mark Slate, Steve Potts, Charlie Cunningham and Lance Wyeth started a revolution.

Over 40 years later, WTB continues to be at the forefront of the global MTB community and is known for prioritising innovation, sustainability and the joy of riding.




Riddler 700 Tyre

Reliable grip, speed and comfort in every situation. The award-winning Riddler 700 leads the pack on both cyclocross courses and gravel B-roads. 

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Volt Saddle

The latest iteration of the Enduro World Series-winning Volt Saddle is the go-to for leading MTB brands. Light, firm and supportive, it gives supreme long-distance comfort and helps you put the power down.

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Wavelength Grips

The Wavelength Grips will maximise your comfort and control over rough terrain, with their place for each finger, ample cushioning where you need it most and snug fit.

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WTB's footprints can be found on every trail, bike park, enduro competition and B-road. 

With the simple philosophy of "make it better", it has led the way in mountain bike design. Over the years, it has worked to transform the sketchy cruisers of '82 into purpose-built, trail-eating machines.

Some of its most celebrated innovations have included:

• Original Specialized Ground Control tyre range
• Grease Guard components system
• The Phoenix trail bike
• SST drop-nose saddle
• VelociRaptor tyre collection
• The world’s first 29” tyre
• The first 27.5” setup
• The introduction of Road Plus tubeless

WTB was there at the beginning of the sport and it will continue to lead the way into MTB’s future. 

Leading on and off the bike

From the trail to the boardroom, WTB advocates for bikes and their riders by leading community-based organisations, championing sustainable mobility and raising awareness of the economic, social and environmental benefits of cycling. It works closely with groups that influence policy makers, some of which it helped to found.

WTB's Supplier Code of Conduct promotes favourable working environments for those producing its products and it is working to make 100% of its packaging recyclable. It has targeted at least a 50% reduced carbon footprint in its value chain before 2030.


WTB and Saddleback

"In essence the founders of WTB were some of the founders of mountain biking. Without them, we wouldn’t be doing it." - Andy Wigmore

WTB continues to push product evolution and innovation, in common with Saddleback’s portfolio of performance cycling brands. The Marin County based company has solid roots within Europe, with offices in the Czech Republic and the UK, and sponsors many British athletes.

Partners since March 2024, WTB and Saddleback are making an impact on the UK and Irish mountain and gravel bike markets with the brand’s industry leading products.