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Wolf Tooth

Born from a shared love of bike riding, problem-solving and precision engineering, Wolf Tooth prides itself on creating top-tier cycling components built for performance and reliability.

Each and every Wolf Tooth product meets a previously unmet cycling need. Through riding and racing in a wide range of conditions, from sweltering dusty summers to ice-cold Minneapolis winters, Wolf Tooth’s team has refined a raft of cycling products that are either pure innovations or elevate the standards of an existing component to a whole new level.

Whether you're hitting the trails, seeking out gravel adventures or sticking to tarmac, Wolf Tooth has something to improve your ride experience – or just add a personal touch of colour to your pride and joy.


ReMote Light Action Dropper Lever

The ReMote Light Action Dropper Lever has been designed for cyclists with dropper posts with stiff internal springs, thumb or hand issues, or simply a preference for easy action. It has a long arm, a textured lever and a 21mm sealed cartridge bearing for smooth action, so it requires 30% less force to operate than the standard ReMote Dropper lever. Its cable-friendly clamp is also less likely to damage your cables and will break off in the event of a crash, limiting the potential repair costs. 

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Studio shot on a white background of an orange Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action Dropper Lever
Studio shot on on a white background of a blue Wolf Tooth Axle Handle Multi-Tool with its components

Axle Handle Multi-Tool

The Axle Handle Multi-Tool helps you to make a host of repairs and adjustments on the fly. Designed to fit a Wolf Tooth rear axle, but also compatible with Trek and other axles that use a removable handle with an O-Ring, it will slot into the end via a handle that’s also a double-headed hex. Magnets let you pack a further two out of four complimentary bits into the handle at one time. Light and compact, this tool will perform 10 functions to keep you moving. 

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Suited to 1x setups, Wolf Tooth’s chainring technology eliminates the risk of dropped chains. The brand’s wide-narrow Drop-Stop® tooth design includes a wide side that maintains maximum contact with the driveside, reducing wear and extending chainring life, while the narrow side sheds mud and combats friction. Alternating both prevents chain drop. Upgrade your crankset with Wolf Tooth’s light chainrings for more time spent moving and less making repairs.

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Studio shot on white background of Wolf Tooth 120 BCD chain ring with 36 teeth
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Wolf Tooth worker fitting a Wolf Tooth chain ring to a crank


Founded in a Minnesota basement off the back of one wide-narrow chainring design, Wolf Tooth soon found enough favour with mountain bike enthusiasts to make a name for itself.

This success came thanks to the founders’ background in technology engineering and obsession with solving a common problem – chain drop in bikes with a 1x setup, the only one it’s possible to use during the Minnesota winter, which is harsh on derailleurs. Wolf Tooth’s high-performance chainrings convincingly solved this issue.

Since then, the company has grown to be a cycling institution, while staying small enough to ensure each product is the best of its kind. Its range now encapsulates everything from drop-bar dropper post levers to innovative bikepacking solutions, frequently available in a choice of anodised colours.

If you’re an explorer, tweaker or performance junkie with a penchant for pushing your bike’s limits, you’ll love what Wolf Tooth does.

Made in the USA

Wolf Tooth prides itself on the fact that majority of its products are made at the brand’s Burnsville, Minnesota headquarters, which means the design, prototype manufacturing, testing, machining and shipping all happen under one roof.

This means that the company can be very agile and bring ideas into production quickly when a need is recognised, and that those involved in different elements of the creative process can talk, test and talk some more, to ensure that everyone’s ideas and points of view are heard to make the finished product the best that it can be.

Nobody is a bigger fan of Wolf Tooth’s components than the brand’s own staff, who have the perfect local testing ground in the miles of MTB tracks, trails and gravel roads lying around the factory. They therefore have ample opportunity to think about how their products could be better, or what they need them to do, which is why the brand is known for its innovative ideas and niche products.

Roots in technology manufacturing mean that Wolf Tooth has the skillset needed to create precise solutions to common cycling problems. And, since the company is still quite small, it can take a chance on small batches and develop ideas a bigger company wouldn’t have the luxury to pursue. Niche or otherwise, all of Wolf Tooth’s products just work.

Two different sizes of bottle of blue Wolf Tooth WT-1 Chain Lube on a table full of tools and bike parts

Wolf tooth and saddleback

Wolf Tooth is a  hugely respected cycling marque whose products fit perfectly into our family of elite performance brands. The company first opted to work with Saddleback in July 2019.

Saddleback’s staff have been using Wolf Tooth Components on our mountain, gravel and even road bikes for years. We've always been super impressed by the quality and reliability of their products, aimed at making your bike lighter, faster, more versatile and more reliable than ever before. Rest assured that they have our seal of approval.