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By Stan Portus – 24 December 2019

Protecting your extremities can make a world of difference when you're out riding. We have written a guide to Castelli's glove range  to help you get the most from your riding this winter. 

When it comes to winter, having the right set of gloves can be make or break for any ride – when your hands start getting cold it can be a physical and mental barrier to performing at your best. Whether you’re getting in the base miles or heading out for a pre-work spin in the unavoidable wet, making the right choice to protect one of the most vulnerable parts of your body is essential.

Choosing the right set of gloves can seem like a daunting task. But it needn’t be. Castelli has a wide range of gloves for all manner of conditions, and this guide will help you decide which gloves are best for you and will keep you riding right through winter and into spring.  

Castelli Spettacolo RoS: for cold and dry conditions

The Castelli Spettacolo glove is part of the Castelli RoS (Rain or Shine) range, that’s designed for maximum performance in dry weather but will still perform when the weather turns. Fully waterproof gloves can feel bulky and unwieldy when they’re not totally necessary, so the Spettacolo is perfect if you want to balance having a less bulky glove with protection against the wet. 

With a comfort range of 3 to 12˚C, these gloves are incredibly warm for their weight and their size. This is achieved through a clever layering of fabrics and Primaloft Gold insulation, which boasts incredible softness and is highly packable if you ever need to stow the Spettacolos away.

A YKK zip across the top of the glove means the Spettacolo is easy to take on and off. The zipper also means that if your hands begin to overheat whilst riding you can open the gloves allowing more airflow and reducing the risk of sweaty hands.  

Castelli-Castelli Spettacolo RoS Gloves--saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Spettacolo RoS Gloves

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Castelli Estremo Winter Glove: for sub-zero conditions

Sometimes getting out on the bike is a must, however blisteringly cold the temperature is outside. The Estremo Winter gloves are designed for such occasions. They are also ideal if you suffer from poor circulation or cold hands more generally.

The Estremo is lined with fleece and is Castelli’s warmest winter glove ever with a temperature range of -5 to 5˚C. The back of the glove has thicker insulation than the palm resulting in an incredibly warm glove that doesn’t sacrifice feel or control.  

The exterior of the Estremo is made from Gore Windstopper X-Fast fabric. This offers total wind protection and water-resistance for when it rains – or even begins to snow.

Sometimes moisture or the cold can get into your gloves through the cuff. The Estremo’s high cuff makes this less likely, and the gusseted Velcro fastener allows you to easily take the gloves on and off whilst ensuring a snug fit.

The palm is padded and very grippy, and the thumb area has a micro suede panel to help you wipe glasses or your nose.  

Castelli-Castelli Estremo Winter Gloves-Black-XS-CS125390101-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Estremo Winter Gloves

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Castelli Perfetto Glove: for warmth and dexterity 

With the Perfetto glove Castelli has created a truly remarkable garment that will protect you against the rain and wind, while keeping you warm and remaining highly dexterous. Where other gloves must often compromise in one of these areas, the Perfetto strikes an almost perfect balance between all four.

Designed to complement the Perfetto jacket, these gloves are the result of meticulous research and product development from Castelli. The Perfetto Gloves utilise Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper fabric for phenomenal protection from the wind and rain, while a fleece lining keeps you warm on cool winter days. The Perfetto has a temperature range of 6 to 15˚C Reduced-seam construction, cut for perfect positioning when riding on the hoods, provides extra protection from the elements.  

The Perfetto Gloves feature the Castelli Dampening System (CDS) pressure pad. Ergonomically designed to protect your hands and provide long lasting comfort, CDS relieves excessive pressure on the median nerves that run along the palm of your hands.

The neoprene cuffs are longer than usual gloves meaning your wrists and lower arms – areas prone to heat loss – are always covered. Touchscreen pads on the thumb and forefinger let you use your phone or cycle computer with ease.

The cutting and shape of the Perfetto Gloves make them one of Castelli’s most aesthetically considered garments. An impressive feat, considering they would also be perfectly at home on the most brutal of rides.

Castelli has also created a Perfetto Light Glove with a slightly higher temperature range of 10 to 18˚C. It is the same concept as the Perfetto but with less bulk for when you want wind protection but don’t need insulation, perfect to have on call for early morning starts or tucked away in your jersey pocket for long descents.

The Perfetto Glove is also available in women’s sizing.  

Castelli-Castelli Perfetto RoS Gloves-Black-XS-CS195190101-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Perfetto RoS Gloves

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Castelli Tempesta: the all-round winter glove

The Tempesta is a true all-rounder. Windproof and waterproof, the Tempesta is also highly breathable and Castelli has added plenty of reflective material for when light levels drop.

The Tempesta is made from Hipora, a waterproof material that allows moisture to escape but prevents it from getting in. Combined with a fleece liner the Tempestas have a luxurious and comfortable feel on the hand and a temperature range of 0 to 8˚C. The long cuff is stretchy making it easy to put the gloves on and is snug enough to fit under the sleeve of your jersey.

For riding in the wet the Tempesta has silicone palm grip and the back of the glove has a micro suede panel to wipe away moisture.  

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Castelli Corridore: a less restrictive glove that’s a favourite with the pros

Castelli’s Corridore Gloves are a favourite amongst professional riders. Constructed from knitted yarn, the Corridore offers excellent wicking and are ideal for when it gets a bit warmer with a comfort range of 12 to 18˚C. The gloves offer more freedom of movement than some thicker options making them ideal if you prefer the feeling of riding without gloves but want some protection against the elements. 

A silicone palm aids grip and the high cuffs abate wind chill. They are available in black and high-vis yellow to help you stay seen out on the road.

The name “Corridore” roughly translates as “runner” and the glove performs equally well in both disciplines. 

Castelli-Castelli Corridore Gloves--saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Corridore Gloves

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Castelli Scalda Pro Glove: for cooler conditions

Like the Corridore, the Castelli Scalda Pro Glove is designed for when the weather gets a bit warmer with a comfort range of 7 to 15˚C. 

It has a sleek construction that means it is less bulky than a full-on winter glove. But it does share some features with its more heavy-duty cousins. A Gore Windstopper outer provides excellent protection against the wind and does have a thin fleecy backing for some warmth. A high asymmetrical cuff protects against wind chill on the wrists and lower arms and is trimmed with reflective material for visibility.

The gloves are completed with a lightly padded palm with a high grip print and touchscreen imprints, making them the go-to for all but the wettest and coldest conditions.  

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Castelli Diluvio: the wetsuit glove 

Castelli is always seeking to innovate and break new ground. There are many success stories in the entire Castelli range because of this, and maybe most famously the Gabba jersey. 

Constructed from 3mm thick neoprene Castelli based the Diluvio off the gloves used for scuba diving in cold conditions and have a temperature range of 5 to 16˚C. Just like a wetsuit, your body heats up moisture in the glove and keeps you warm. Like many of Castelli’s gloves, the Diluvio features an extended cuff and a grip print on the palm.

Ideal for riding hard in milder and rainy conditions the Diluvio is an inspired design that proves how simple ideas can yield big results. 

Castelli-Castelli Diluvio C Gloves-Yellow Fluo-S/M-CS1752403209-saddleback-elite-performance-cycling

Castelli Diluvio C Gloves

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