Castelli Linea Pelle Skin Care: Up Close

Castelli Linea Pelle Skin Care: Up Close

Two years in development, Castelli's Linea Pelle skincare range offers cycling a high-end collection of chamois, embro and foul-weather creams.

Made up of Chamois Dry Lube, Warming Embro Cream and Foul Weather cream, the Castelli Linea Pelle formulas have been fine-tuned through extensive rider testing and several skincare experts. The result is the finest cycling skincare range in the world – and a whole new level of comfort.

Castelli Linea Pelle Pump

When blind tested against other top brands, the final versions of the Linea Pelle products were ranked top for almost all the testers. The creams have also been formulated to be kind to sensitive skin and won’t harm synthetic fabrics. The pump mechanism allows more exact application while the 18-month shelf life is of benefit to dealers and customers alike.

Each airline-friendly 100ml tube is available separately or bundled together in a combo pack including a red drawstring bag. Simply put, Linea Pelle is the perfect addition to every discerning cyclist’s pre-ride ritual.

Castelli Linea Pelle2

Chamois Dry Lube

Developed to protect and lubricate, the Chamois Dry Lube is a non-greasy, non-wet riding cream with a forget-it’s-there feel. Because it’s a dry lube, the skin isn’t weakened through moisturisers, while 100% natural tea tree oil adds antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to help protect against saddle sores. As well as offering durable anti-friction properties ideal for long rides, the cream also allows the skin to breathe and washes off easily post-ride.

Warming Embro Cream

Applied directly to the legs a few minutes before riding, the Warming Embro Cream is designed to wake up muscles on cooler days, making it ideal for the cyclocross and classics season. Easily absorbed, the cream is made from 80% natural ingredients.

Foul Weather Cream

Designed to protect legs and skin from the wet, dirt, wind and cold, the Foul Weather Cream uses plant-based oils to avoid skin irritation. It’s also safe to use on synthetic fabrics and will wash off far more easily than petroleum-based creams.