Castelli Spring Cycling Clothing Guide: Men’s

By Stan Portus –  24 March 2020

Many cyclists know that dressing for spring is a tricky affair. Get a head start on the weather with this guide to Castelli’s Men’s spring cycling kit.

We know you might not be doing as much cycling as you hoped this spring. But if you are getting out for some solo miles, this time of year presents some challenges in terms of what kit to wear.

Alongside Autumn, spring is one of the hardest times of year to dress for. Rides often begin with the temperature in single figures and even though the skies are clearer pockets of rain are never far away. Start preparing your cycling wardrobe with this guide to Castelli’s spring apparel.  

Base Layer

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People most often think of layering as something you do in the winter, but it is just as essential in the spring. Layering starts with a base layer. As the item closest to your skin it does the most work to keep you dry and comfortable.

The Pro Issue Short Sleeve Base Layer was requested by Castelli’s pro riders for the mild temperatures that characterise spring. Warmer than a summer base layer, cooler than a winter one, the Pro Issue base layer will wick sweat away from those hard efforts on the hills.  

Close up shot of a cyclist wearing a Castelli Pro Issue Baselayer

Mid Layers

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A long sleeve cycling jersey is a spring essential. The Castellli Puro 3 Jersey offers the right balance of insulation for riding in temperate weather and breathability to prevent moisture build up. The fleece fabric is also provides comfort and a double thickness collar keeps any drafts out. 

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In between days characterise spring, and the Gabba RoS is perfect for when it's warm enough to venture out in a short sleeve cycling jersey but you still want some protection from any unexpected spring showers. The jersey uses Gore Infinium 205 for water repellency in the front body, and Gore Infinium 203 in the back for plenty of ventilation. Since its inception 10 years ago the Gabba has been a favourite amongst the pros

Rider cycling up a hill wearing the Castelli Gabba RoS

“I’d say the Castelli Gabba RoS remains as invaluable a purchase as it always has been. A rider, particularly one who does most of their riding in Britain, needs a weather protective top in their cycling wardrobe. In choosing a Castelli Gabba RoS that rider is guaranteed not to go too far wrong.”

– Sam Challice, Cyclist  

Top Layers

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A jacket and gilet mashup. Made from Gore Infinium fabric and Nano Flex Light, the Perfetto RoS Vest provides wind protection and waterproofing while packing down into a small package. This will quickly become a go-to in the spring and will serve you well in the autumn and winter too. 

Cyclist wearing the Castelli Perfetto RoS Vest
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Castelli Aria Shell Jacket

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The Aria Jacket will keep you protected from nasty head and cross winds that knock a few degrees off the warm spring weather. The front panel is windproof, but the sides and sleeves are made from a breathable, high stretch fabric meaning the jacket fits like a second skin. The jacket is light enough to wear for the duration of rides in mild spring weather but packs down incredibly small in case you want to take it off. 

Bottoms and Legs

Cycling shorts with knee warmers is the ideal in spring. Say goodbye to tights but keep your knee muscles warm and functioning at their best while there’s still a nip in the air. 

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The Free Aero Race 4 Bibshorts are the latest in Castelli’s quest to build the ultimate aero shorts. Having logged thousands of miles in the pro peloton and drawing on over a decade of research and development, the Free Aero Race 4 Bib shorts are worthy of their place as Castelli’s flagship set of bibs. Read an in-depth guide to the Castelli men’s bib short range.  

Rider wearing Castelli Unlimited Bib shorts  showing the pocket opening
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Castelli Nano Flex 3G Knee Warmers

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The Nano Flex 3G Knee Warmers provide warmth and are great in dry conditions, but the Nano Flex fabric will also serve you well in the wet. The tight weave and water repellent treatment means light rain or road spray bead off.  

Close up of rain running off Nano Flex  knee warmers


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Just as knee warmers are an essential addition to a cyclist’s spring kit so are arm warmers. The Pro Seamless Arm Warmers were developed with Team Ineos with the aim to create seamless arm warmers that you can hardly feel when they’re on. The warmers provide insulation without overheating and at 67g occupy less space in jersey pockets than normal warmers. 

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The Toe Thingy 2 is perfect for when you want to cover up the front vents in your cycling shoes, but the temperature outside doesn’t require the bulk and insulation of an overshoe. The Toe Thingy 2 is made from neoprene that easily rolls over your shoe and has a rubberised bottom for durability. The top of the Toe Thingy stops short of the top ratchet on most cycling shoes making on the fly adjustments no hassle.

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Castelli Perfetto RoS Light Gloves

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Not quite warm enough for cycling mitts, not quite cool enough for thick gloves. The Perfetto Light Gloves are the perfect in-between. Made from Gore Infinium they provide protection from the wind and wet, but they are thin enough to keep things cool.