Chris King Reveals DropSet 1 Integrated Headset

Chris King Reveals DropSet 1 Integrated Headset

Chris King has announced its first ever integrated headset, the DropSet 1, which is set to arrive at Saddleback this October.

With the DropSet 1, Chris King set out to deliver the quality and reliability of its pressed-in headset options while overcoming the challenges of the loose-fitting integrated headset. Without being pressed into the frame, integrated headsets have traditionally been more susceptible to movement – reducing performance, increasing wear and even causing creaking, damage and failure.

By redesigning the integrated headset from the ground up and applying over 40 years’ experience of making the best pressed-in bearings, Chris King has created a solution that promises smoother steering, no creaking and the long life you’d expect from a CK product.

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The magic is in the patented GripLock bearing cap, which preloads the headset to a specific torque independently of clamping onto the steerer. This design ensures that preload force is retained and isn’t affected by heavy braking and big hits that can make regular integrated headsets lose preload in a flash.

By producing a design that meets Chris King’s usual high standards, DropSet 1 will be backed by Chris King’s 10-year built-to-last warranty, the same as every other headset in the range. 

DropSet 1 is also the first Chris King headset to offer a ceramic bearing option, which the brand says will be even more durable in wet and corrosive conditions than its legendary stainless-steel bearings. This is due ceramic bearings’ self-lubricating, non-galling (wear caused by the transfer of microscopic fragments of metal) qualities, meaning longer service intervals. 

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Chris King has chosen to offer DropSet 1 as IS41/28.6 upper, IS52/40 lower. This is down to certain bike manufacturers – namely Alchemy, Santa Cruz, Yeti and Ibis – maintaining consistency throughout their ranges, making life easier for both riders and bike shops.

DropSet 1 will be available in all Chris King’s current colour finishes: black, mango, matte jet, matte punch, matte slate, navy, red, silver and turquoise – meaning you can choose to match your frame, go loud with contrasting colours or stay stealthy.

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