Conquer the Sun

By Stan Portus –  31 July 2020

The Castelli Superleggera collection is performance refined for the hottest conditions. Featuring new fabric technologies that are super lightweight and retain minimal moisture, Superleggera is for conquering the sun and flying up mountains.

Inspiration for the first generation of the Superleggera jersey came from riding the Flüela Pass between Davos and Engadin Valley in Switzerland.

The Pass is 13km and climbs 1000m before topping out at 2383m. Climbing such terrain is an assault on the body in more ways than one: any excessive weight feels like a burden, the heat gets to you, and the air begins to thin out.

The Flüela Pass is home to cyclists but to supercars too that bring Formula 1 technology to the road. The idea for the jersey was to create something that could cope with such conditions but also do the same as the supercars, offering minimal weight, ultimate performance, and racing style.

Castelli has carried this concept forward for the latest iteration of the Superleggera Jersey and has also created the Superleggera Bibshorts and Socks.

Ideal for when the sun and the heat are out in full force. 


Style and Performance in Harmony


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The new Superleggera 2 Jersey combines Castelli’s fabric engineering and construction expertise to create a jersey that performs and looks good in equal measure. The jersey is made from the new ‘Oltre’ fabric. ‘Oltre’ translates into English as ‘Beyond’ and the fabric really does go beyond what you would expect from a jersey material.

The fabric is incredibly lightweight helping the jersey achieve its 102g weight. Horizontal striping in the material provides extra support for loaded pockets and stretch and breathability for comfort in even the most extreme heat.

Despite the fabric being incredibly lightweight it retains the opaqueness and sun protection of thicker fabrics. The fit of the jersey is slim enough to retain an aerodynamic advantage but relaxed enough to not be restrictive.   

Castelli Superleggera Jersey

Redefining Hot Weather Shorts


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When designing the Superleggera Bibshort Castelli set out to create a bib short that securely holds its pro-level Progetto X2 seat pad in place but otherwise reduces as much weight as possible while maintaining opacity. The solution to this was to work with a world-leading mill to develop a fabric that is woven rather knit and utilises a gradient, meaning that the fabric gets lighter as it extends down the leg. Where a normal bib short fabric for weighs 220g/m2, at its lightest point this fabric weighs 90g/m2.

The Superleggera Bibshort weighs 141g – a significant saving over Castelli’s Free Aero Race 4 Bibshort that weighs 172g. But the bib short really comes into its own when the going gets tough, as the fabric retains 30% less moisture than other bib short fabrics. Intended to be worn between 20˚ – 40˚C this is something any rider will appreciate when ascending the toughest climbs, as the short will hold less sweat and consequently save even more weight.

Clsoe up of cyclist wearing Castelli Superleggera Bibshort

The Complete Look


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The Superleggera Sock completes the Castelli Superleggera livery. Made with a diaphanous ankle the socks ensure feet will stay as cool as possible. The Meryl Skinlife yarn prevents bacteria build up, fights odour, and moisture wicking. Available in red, black, chartreuse, and white, the socks pair with the Superleggera Jersey and carry forward the collection’s dedication to marrying performance and cycling panache.