ENVE Alloy Stem:
Alloy Done the ENVE Way

By Stan Portus –  19 November 2020

ENVE is an expert in carbon fibre manufacture but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t know its way around metal too. Drawing on the knowledge it has from machining metal moulds for carbon components, ENVE has created the all-new ENVE Alloy MTB Stem to pair up with its carbon bar and deliver ENVE performance without the carbon price tag.

The all new ENVE Alloy MTB Stem brings ENVE’s core tech and design philosophy to riders looking for ENVE performance in an alloy package. The ENVE alloy stems are made from cold-forged, precision engineered aluminium and continue ENVE’s commitment to providing the absolute best performance equipment. The stem provides an incredible performance upgrade for cross country, trail, all mountain, enduro and gravity riding.

The alloy stem has been designed to be paired with ENVE’s carbon fibre mountain bike bars with either a 31.8mm or 35mm clamp diameter, making it compatible with the ENVE M6 and M7 carbon mountain bike bars.

The stem has several features that optimise its performance with carbon bars. The ‘no-gap’ face plate installation eliminates uneven spacing on the stem and enables a more even clamping and secure handlebar retention – two things that can be affected by a gap between the face plate and stem body with bolts being tightened uneven amounts. The inner edge of the handlebar space is bevelled meaning the alloy edge of the stem won’t cut into a carbon handlebar.   

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ENVE Alloy MTB Stem

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Shot of the ENVE Alloy Stem on a mountain bike with the ENVE M6 mountain bike handlebars and a Wolf Tooth Dropper lever

Combined, these design features eliminate the chances of carbon laminates being damaged and give you confidence when hitting the trails and putting strain on all parts of your bike.

ENVE is known for its industry-leading carbon fibre craftsmanship, and carbon fibre has proved time and again the material it deems best for the products it produces. However, ENVE has a long history of working with metal and an intimate knowledge of it too. ENVE’s VP of Engineering, Scott Nielson, says:

“To be successful as a carbon manufacturer, you must first have an intimate understanding of machining. Behind every successful carbon design, is an equally clever mould design that was machined typically from aluminium or steel. In short, we’ve been machining metals at ENVE from the beginning.”

A good percentage of ENVE’s manufacturing facilities in Ogden, Utah, is dedicated to its metal machining workshops and its machining expertise has played a crucial role in the production of its unrivalled carbon fibre components.   

Shot of a rider riding down a very steep orange rockface on a mountain bike that has the new ENVE Alloy MTB Stem

ENVE has been gradually introducing aluminium products into its line-up. Recently this has included the disc brake compatible road hubs, which ENVE uses for its Foundation Road Wheels.

The carbon ENVE M6 MTB Stem and M7 MTB Stem also have alloy face plates for strength and durability.

ENVE manufactured all their rims at their HQ in Utah but manufacture some parts in other factories. This is the case with the alloy MTB stems, but as Nielson explains, there is good reason:

“While we certainly have the capability to machine this product in-house, we do not have the bandwidth given our machine shops are at full capacity. In addition, we wanted to forge the billet before machining which allows for a stronger, more fatigue resistant stem.”

ENVE can’t forge in-house so it is logical for to use facilities that can forge the billet. Or in other words, the lump of aluminium that the stem is machined from.

The machined stem has several cut away sections to reduce weight while showing off your steerer tube and enabling you to see the position of your handlebars in the mount. The stem features blind bolt holes and soft edges on the back of the stem, meaning there is less risk of catching your knee or ripping clothing. Stainless hardware fastens the stem ensuring hard wearing, corrosion free performance.   

Close up of the new ENVE Alloy MTB Stem on a bike with and orange background

The ENVE Alloy MTB Stem offers quality and performance that is only marginally compromised in weight compared to their carbon cousins, and with ENVE carbon handlebars complete a cockpit that is almost impossible to beat.

Like all ENVE components, the ENVE Alloy MTB Stems come with ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection Guarantee. This means that if you damage the stem in any way ENVE will replace it free of charge, time and time again, so you can keep riding with confidence, and not let anything stop you riding.  

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ENVE Alloy MTB Stem Features

• Cold-forged alloy MTB stem

• 0-degree rise

• No gap face plate

• Stainless hardware

• Blind bolt holes for less sharp edges

• Available in 35mm, 50mm, 65mm lengths

• 31.8mm or 35mm Handlebar Clamp Diameter

• Combine with ENVE M6 or M7 carbon bars for a complete MTB cockpit 

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