ENVE M Series: Everything You Need to Know

By Stan Portus – 9 January 2020

Since it first appeared in 2014, the ENVE M Series  wheel range has redefined what  riders can expect from carbon MTB wheels. Or in fact, any MTB wheels.  Here you can find out everything you need to know about the latest iteration of the M Series. 

Back in 2014 when ENVE first launched their M Series wheels, a lot of mountain bike riders were sceptical of running carbon fibre wheels. Carbon frame were growing in popularity but was an uneasiness about putting such a specialist material inches away from trail surfaces and using it to take all the impact that comes from harsh terrain and landings.

ENVE were also cautious and took their time to develop a product that could live up to their scrupulous standards, but the original M Series was the beginning of something that would come to redefine what mountain bike riders could expect from a wheel in terms of durability and performance – regardless of material.   

The latest iteration of the M Series features new technologies developed off the back of input from professional riders and amateurs alike, creating a ride that reduces the risk of puncturing, and ultimately aids control and inspires confidence.

With the M Series, ENVE has introduced its ‘Ride Without Limitations’ concept, allowing you to find a wheelset that suits your preferred discipline and style, while instilling confidence and delivering professional level performance.

ENVE has expanded the range to include 7 wheelsets – all available in 27.5” and 29” – featuring updated designs and specifications in response to where mountain biking has headed over the last few years. For instance, Enduro is now a professional discipline, plus size tyres are taking over, cross country riding has become way more technical, and tubeless 29ers are winning World Cup downhill races.

With the larger range, and the ability to select a wheel closer to your personal preference, has come a new naming system for the wheelsets. The M stands for – yup, you guessed it – ‘Mountain’, while the number immediately after defines the discipline. But what is new are the last two numbers in the wheel’s name, which specify the rim’s internal width. This allows you to establish what tyre works best with your wheel. Or, more importantly, what rim works best in conjunction with your favourite tyre.

ENVE has developed two technologies under their ‘Dynamic Impact Design’ banner, that share the same aim of reducing pinch flats while absorbing energy and impact. With most damage happening to rims after the tyre has punctured, reducing the risk of flats also reduces the risk of damaging the rim.  

The M5 (XC) and M6 wheels (trail) feature a patent pending Wide Hookless Bead design. By increasing the width of the rim’s edge ENVE has reduced the chance of pinch flats caused by the tyre bottoming out, and consequently you can run the tyre at a lower pressure, aiding ride comfort and reducing rolling resistance. Masters of carbon laminating, the new edge design by ENVE is tuned to absorb energy too improving ride quality and dampening any trail chatter.

For the M7 (Enduro) and M9 (downhill), ENVE wanted to do away with the need for tyre inserts that add weight and promise – even though they don’t often deliver – to do away with pinch flats. The solution is a Protective Rim Strip that sits over the rim of the wheel, increasing rim width and offering a protective layer between trail and rim. The patent pending strip also does away with having to install rim tape for a tubeless set up, as the strip creates a completely sealed air chamber in conjunction with a tyre.

These technologies have proven incredibly successful: a survey conducted by ENVE found that 67% of people using the new M Series had a reduction in the number of flats, with almost all of the remaining 33% reporting that they had never had an issue with flat tyres regardless of wheel choice.

Ride quality is always the aim with ENVE and ultimately what these features lead to is confidence on the trails and being able to focus more on flow and your line than any potentially ride interrupting hazards.

Having your M Series wheels built to your personal specification with our in-house wheel building service here at Saddleback will only inspire more confidence.

The M Series comes with ENVE’s 5-year Warranty and Lifetime Product Guarantee. ENVE will replace any wheel that has been damaged through impact, but with the new M Series you can have confidence not just in ENVE’s amazing customer service but out on the trail too. As ENVE says, “Anyone can replace a rim, no one can replace that lost ride.”   

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