First Look: ENVE Alloy Stem

By Stan Portus –  12 January 2021

The ENVE Alloy MTB Stem brings ENVE’s core tech and design philosophy to riders looking for ENVE performance in an alloy package. Watch Saddleback service technician, Rob, run you through all the features ENVE has packed into the stem and explain why carbon fibre experts releasing an alloy component makes a lot of sense.

ENVE Alloy Stem

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ENVE Alloy MTB Stem

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The ENVE Alloy MTB Stem is a light, incredibly durable stem designed to offer top-shelf performance to cross country, trail, all-mountain, enduro and gravity mountain bike riding.

Despite the brand’s fame for carbon components, ENVE has a long history working with metal due to carbon fibre moulds being machined from aluminium and steel (as well as making alloy components such as hubs and stem faceplates) so ENVE knows its way round metal.

With a 31.8mm or 35mm handlebar clamp diameter, the stem can be paired with an ENVE M6 or M7 carbon handlebar to offer a complete ENVE cockpit, giving you a stiffer, more race-orientated setup that is ideal for those who favour tight control and a solid front-end feel.

The alloy stem features a ‘no gap faceplate’ that makes for even clamping and secure handlebar retention while reducing the likelihood of sensitive carbon laminates being damaged. Blind bolt holes diminish the number of sharp edges and reduce the risk of catching your knee or snagging clothing.

Cold-forged, then precision-machined, the ENVE Alloy MTB stem reflects the engineering prowess present in all ENVE equipment and sets a new benchmark for alloy mountain bike stem performance.

Key Features

• Cold-forged alloy MTB stem
• 0-degree rise
• No gap face plate
• Stainless hardware
• Blind bolt holes for less sharp edges
• Available in 35mm, 50mm, 65mm lengths
• 31.8mm or 35mm Handlebar Clamp Diameter
• Combine with ENVE M6 or M7 carbon bars for complete MTB cockpit 

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