How to Convert a Chris King ISO Hub from a Shimano Driveshell to A SRAM XD Driveshell

By Stan Portus –  7 December 2020

Saddleback service technician, Rob Borek, shows us how to convert your Chris King ISO mountain bike hub from Shimano to a SRAM XD driveshell in less than two minutes.


1. Remove the axle end from your Chris King ISO mountain bike hub using a pick tool.

2. Remove the adjusting clamp with a hex key. If this hard to remove, try loosening it with the hub in the bike to hold the axle still.

3. With the adjusting clamp off simply push the axle out.

4. To remove the Shimano driveshell from the Chris King hub hold the hub with one hand and the driveshell with the other and twist counter clockwise and pull it out.

5. To insert the SRAM XD driveshell, place it in the hub shell and then twist clockwise while pushing inwards. You will hear a pop when the driveshell is in place.

6. Put the axle back through the hub.

7. Refit the adjusting clamp and tighten with the hex key.

8. Push the axle end piece back on.  

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