In Focus: Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show

In Focus: Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show

Saddleback returns to exhibit at the Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show with PUSH, Silca and Chris King.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Grade I listed engine shed offered the ideal location for the 2019 Bespoked Handmade Bicycle Show – a unique celebration of creative bicycle engineering and pioneering craft that Saddleback was very proud to be a part of.

The passion of exhibitors, attendees and press palpably animated the event, which was awash with beautiful bikes, components and cycling accessories. Every single stand was buzzing with excitement and intrigue, filling the vaulted space with a warm glow that continued to rebound over the course of the weekend.

Bespoked Push Industries

Saddleback was pleased to host Chris King Precision Components, PUSH Industries and Silca, sharing an array of meticulously crafted products on a custom stand that enabled the rich stories underpinning each product to be shared.

PUSH Industries founder Darren Murphy and Chris King of Chris King Precision Components were on hand to share their commitment to handmade engineering and share in the revelry, whilst delivering engaging talks in the auditorium over the weekend.

As in years past, Chris King and ENVE were the choice of finishing kit across the event, reflecting their widespread prestige as the go-to performance components for carefully crafted, handmade builds. As the UK home of both brands, Saddleback was stoked to see their prominence on such a diverse range of bikes in this thriving and growing community. Roll-on Bespoked 2020!