Introducing the Sidi Fast and Sidi Speed

By Stan Portus – 16 November 2020

Sidi Shoes is one of the world’s most prestigious cycling shoe companies and brings over 60 years of expertise to its performance and comfort led designs. The new road specific Fast and the off-roading Speed are no exception, concentrating Sidi’s expertise and flare into the perfect balance of speed, performance, and strength.

Sidi’s history is one of innovation. From developing the 3-bolt cleat system and the first rotary dial to introducing highly durable nylon soles, Sidi pioneered many features that are now ubiquitous in the world of cycling shoes.

The Maser, Italy, based company has now brought together and concentrated many of its superb features into two new shoes: the Sidi Fast, and the Sidi Speed.

The two shoes share many similarities but are tailored to different riders’ needs. The Fast delivers Sidi’s characteristically classic styling in a road shoe that provides a comfortable fit and is ready for your daily rides in a flash, while the Speed gives riders superb protection and versatility for any off-road adventures.  

Sidi Fast

A white Sidi Fast photographed side on, on a wooden table with a white background

The Sidi Fast concentrates the Italian brand’s characteristic performance and comfort into a shoe that delivers big on stiffness, softness, and flexibility. Lightweight and zippy, with enough sturdiness and traction for you to ride with confidence, the Fast will handle those hectic sprints for the line, sudden surges, and out of saddle efforts with ease.

The Fast utilises Sidi’s Carbon Composite 20 sole. A carbon fibre and nylon blend, the sole is lightweight and stiff. The nylon in the sole introduces greater protection and sturdiness than pure-bred carbon soles to the Fast, meaning it can take the odd knock or two in its stride, and retain its superb technical performance.

Like Sidi’s top-of-the-line models, the Fast uses the Tecno-3 closing mechanism. The rotary buckle ensures simple and precise adjustment – even on the fly – and a double material cable guarantees greater durability.

Microtech Microfiber fabric is used in the Fast’s body. Light, breathable and waterproof, the fabric provides protection from the elements while making sure you stay comfortable and performing at your best. Microtech Microfiber is also eco-friendly. Produced with a “Water-Tech” solvent free treatment. This drastically reduces the environmental footprint of the cycling shoe.

Another of Sidi’s signature features, the Fast’s reinforced heel-cup guarantees the transfer of power by supporting and stabilising the heel and decreases its potential slip.  


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Sidi Speed

A white Sidi Speed mountain bike cycling shoe photographed on a wooden table with a white background

The Sidi Speed has a host of features that ensure the performance and protection every product destined for the world of off-road riding must have, while showing how fun the world of tracks, trails and mud can be.

At the core of the Sidi Speed is versatility. As riding’s changing and cyclists don’t just pick a terrain and stick to it, the Speed responds. The reinforced PU tread means the Speed can negotiate muddy or rocky trails in the great outdoors, or even the supermarket sweeps or café stops on multi-day adventures.

Good grip isn’t just down to the design of a sole, however. The Tecno-3 dial provides flawless closure and a personalised fit. The cable design, tightened by a rotary buckle, adjusts fit along the whole length of the shoe. The cable lace is made from a reinforced material for increased resistance as well as simple quick adjustments.

The reinforced heel-cup provides stability for your foot as well as protection come any mishaps. The protection provided by this feature doesn’t compromise performance, in fact it helps improve power transfer too.

Intuitive, simple, and up for any terrain, the Speed is ideal for any adventure.  


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