Introducing the ENVE SES AR Handlebar

By Stan Portus –  19 October 2020

From main road to back road. The new ENVE SES AR Handlebar is purpose built for the modern road rider, who doesn’t let the road surface define their riding. 

Road cycling has evolved. Over the last five years road bike frames, tyres, and wheels have grown more capable and as the bikes have changed so has our riding. Rough roads and mucky tracks are all part of the modern road cyclists’ repertoire and in lots of ways, where the tarmac ends, the riding really begins.

It is only natural, then, that as bikes have evolved so too would the main point of contact we have with our machines.

Enter the all-new ENVE SES AR Handlebar. Finding the sweet spot between flared gravel bar, aerodynamic road bar, all-day performance and race-ready power transfer, the SES AR Handlebar is as comfortable flying along fast tarmac as it is traversing gravel sections, just like us.   

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ENVE SES AR Handlebar

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Close up shot of ENVE SES AR Handlebar
Close up shot of ENVE SES AR Handlebar

Clues to the ENVE SES AR Handlebar’s characteristics are in its name.

In ENVE nomenclature, products designated “SES” (Smart ENVE System) are wind tunnel tested and aerodynamically optimised to be “real-world fast”, meaning they are tested and designed to perform aerodynamically outside of unrealistic lab conditions.

“AR” means “All-Road” and refers to ENVE products that are just at home on tarmac as they are pave. This was a term that ENVE first used back in 2016 when it saw the writing on the wall for the future of road cycling and launched the ENVE SES 4.5 AR wheelset.

The SES AR Bar is much like modern road-specific handlebars as it has a flat top section. This helps minimise drag, but it also has the added benefit of aiding damping and compliance. The AR Bar achieves this without sacrificing power transfer or responsiveness, making it an ideal choice not just for all-terrain explorers but for riders who stick to butter smooth roads and want that extra bit of ease as well.

Aerodynamics (and not forgetting modern road bike looks) are also catered for with the option to route cables and hoses internally. The internal routing is compatible with a wide variety of currently available routed stems and headsets and integrated stem and bar systems. Cables and hoses can be routed externally too, ensuring maximum versatility and compatibility.

Like ENVE’s SES Aero Road Handlebar and its G-Series Gravel Handlebar, the SES AR has a compound-flared drop. ENVE’s Chief Engineer, Kevin Nelson explains the rationale behind the bar’s shape and its flare:

“The compound flare is designed to maintain better hand position in the hoods while also improving the reach to the lever in the drops. The flared drops provide a more natural control position and more comfort. All of this is based on the principles already being used in the G Series Gravel bar. The top shape is intended to give you much of the aero benefits of the aero road bar while giving you a wide position with a tight bend which provides forearm support in a hood based aero position.”  

Side view of the ENVE SES AR Handlebar showing the drop profile

With a drop flare of 23.5mm the SES AR strikes a balance between the minimal flare of the SES Aero and the wide G-Series. This has several benefits. It inspires greater confidence when navigating rough pave; improves control while descending; means you can hold a more aggressive position on the drops for longer thanks to forearm support; and all while ensuring safer riding in a bunch by reducing width.

Masters of carbon, ENVE hasn’t stopped with shape design and the incorporation of different features. The SES AR bar features a carbon layup that is specifically designed to reduce any chatter that comes through the frame and bars so you can stay focussed on the riding, your efforts, and wherever the bars take you.

ENVE builds its products so you can ride and race with confidence. But ENVE has your back too. The SES AR bar comes with ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection. This means if any mishaps do come your way, ENVE will replace your handlebars free of charge to keep you riding and performing at your best.

ENVE SES AR Details and Dimensions

• ENVE’s SES AR bars ensure real-world aero performance with aero cross-section. 

• All Road (AR) specific geometry, shaping, and drop flare for confidence inspiring comfort and control. 

• AR specific carbon laminate and construction for comfort over all terrains.

• Hidden wire housing and routing compatible for integrated aero stem systems. 

• Bar tape termination step for clean taping. 

• ENVE’s Lifetime Incident Protection and 5-year warranty.

• Handlebar is compatible with the following integrated stem systems:
Trek (Bontrager), Focus, Wilier, BMC, Specialized, Pinarello, Cannondale, Cervelo, Felt, Scott (Syncros), Colnago, Parlee, Giant, Ridley, Bianchi, BH, Quintana Roo, Fezzari, Donnelly, Titici, Aquila, White, Swift, DeRosa, Bertin, Olympia, Ventum, Except, Piton, Ciocc, FSA, Deda, Look.  

SizeWidth at HoodsWidth at DropsClamp DiameterReachDropDrop FlareWeight
31.8mm76mm127mm23.5mm290g (est.)
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