Introducing the Sportful Supergiara Jacket

By Stan Portus –  21 January 2021

The Sportful Supergiara Jacket provides the best protection for cold weather gravel rides, or in fact any adventure. Technical and performance focussed, the jacket has plenty of cargo room  and is made from Thermore® fabric to help carry you through the cold and seize the spirit of adventure that is at its core.

The Sportful Supergiara collection is designed for riders pushing themselves, seeking adventure, escapism, and doing away with limits. Part of Sportful’s Dirty Roads lineup, Supergiara is designed to take on all surfaces too.

It’s not concerned with whether ‘gravel’ or ‘groad’ is a thing. Instead, Sportful built the Supergiara collection around the philosophy that we no longer need to worry about what surface we’re riding on, and we can revel in the fact that our playground is bigger than ever before.

The Sportful Supergiara Jacket sits at the top of the Sportful’s A/W Supergiara collection offering amazing protection from the elements, comfort, performance, storage and style. This jacket is at home tearing it up at the Belgian Waffle Ride as it is eating waffles at an impromptu mid-adventure café stop or popping out for an after-work night ride as it on a bike packing trip.

Take a look below to see what makes the Supergiara Jacket and gives it its spirit of adventure.  


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3-layer Construction to Keep the Elements at Bay

Model outside wearing the Sportful Supergiara Jacket and an HJC helmet looking down and with a soft focus background

The Supergiara Jacket is a partial protection jacket, meaning that it offers protection from light rain and wind but without the restrictiveness or boil-in-the-bag feel of a traditional cycling rain jacket.

Sportful achieves this by using a 3-layer thermal construction on the front of the Supergiara Jacket. Made from Thermore® fabric, the construction has a windproof outer layer, an insulating middle layer, and a 3D mesh inner layer which helps whip moisture away from your body.  

Superb Freedom of Movement

Cyclist wearing the Sportful Supergiara Jacket in green with an HJC helmet, Sidi cycling shoes. The cyclist is on a Moots Routt 45 bike and is doing a skid

While the front provides essential protection form the elements, the back of the Supergiara Jacket is designed to keep your comfortable however long your adventure turns out to be.

The back of the Supergiara Jacket is made from a low-volume, high-stretch fabric that moves with you and allows for superb freedom of movement and consequently keeps comfort levels at an all-time high throughout your gravel rides. The stretch fabric also guarantees breathability even on your hardest efforts.

The cut provides a good level of aerodynamics, but also has enough room for you to feel comfortable on long days in the saddle, as well as providing room for extra layers underneath on those particularly cold days.

Cargo Pockets and Room to Stash

Close up photo of a hand taking something from the rear pocket of a Sportful Supergiara Jacket

At the heart of the whole Supergiara collection is a spirit of adventure, and the Supergiara Jacket has the cargo capabilities to keep the adventure going for as a long as possible.

Like many standard cycling jackets, the Supergiara has three rear pockets. But these pockets are larger than the norm to carry more supplies and layers. The central pocket is also larger than the two other pockets so you can keep large loads – such as extra layers – over the centre of your back to avoid any lopsided feeling while you’re riding.

The chest of the Supergiara has two mesh pockets providing extra capacity. These are ideal for stashing any bars and cycling nutrition, or even quickly stowing gloves or glasses while on the move.  

Close up photo of the mesh chest pocket on the Sportful Supergiara Jacket with a model inserting his hand.

The chest of the Supergiara has two mesh pockets providing extra capacity. These are ideal for stashing any bars and cycling nutrition, or even quickly stowing gloves or glasses while on the move.  

Reflective Detailing

Photo of a cyclist wearing a black Sportful Supergiara Jacket shot from behind to show the three rear pockets and the reflective detailing

Sometimes the only thing that stops you riding is the light. This is why the Supergiara Jacket has reflective panelling across the back and shoulders, as well as having reflective Sportful logos on the front and back. Don’t let the light levels ruin the fun. Keep on riding. 

Key Features

• 3-layer thermal jacket made with Thermore® fabric

• Stretchy thermal fabric on the back for comfort and fit

• 3 rear pockets

• 2 additional mesh pockets on the front

• 5˚+ C 

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