Limited Edition Troy Lee Designs D4 Monster Helmets 

By Stan Portus –  23 November 2020

Troy Lee Designs has created some super special, limited edition, custom Monster Energy D4 helmets for two of its biggest riders, Brendan Fairclough and Cam Zink. Part of TLD’s “Born from Paint” collection the helmets don’t just celebrate Brendog and Zink but encapsulate everything TLD is about. Check them out here.

The Troy Lee Design’s limited-edition Monster Energy D4 Helmets celebrate two of mountain biking’s biggest names, Brendan Fairclough and Cam Zink. The helmets have custom paint jobs for each of the riders and are signed and sealed by the riders and Troy Lee on the back.

Riders like Brendog and Zink demand the best in performance and when it comes to helmets, nothing tops the TLD D4. The latest iteration in the legendary Daytona series that originally came into the world in 1996, the D4 has already reaped success at World Cups and the World Champs.

The Monster Energy helmets use the D4 Carbon model. This is TLD’s top full-face helmet when it comes to rigidity, strength, and impact tolerance and offers the perfect mix of science, speed, and style.

The custom lids are part of TLD’s "Born from Paint" collection. The collection has already seen some eye-catching designs and celebrates Troy Lee’s painting mastery, from the early days of painting helmets for his mates to establishing Troy Lee Designs and becoming the biggest name in mountain biking. Not forgetting becoming a trailblazer when it comes to mountain bike style along the way too, something TLD continues to do with its new women's collection.

Take a look at the new limited-edition lids below and check them out on the Saddleback store.  

Cam Zink

Fuzzed splatters make Zink’s D4 Carbon while bold stripes and Monster green make for a design that’s as disruptive as Cam’s riding. Hard to think of anything that looks faster, or crazier. 

Troy Lee Designs rider Cam Zink on his bike holding out his custom T L D Monster Energy D4 helmet in the foreground, with a soft focus desert in the backgroundCam Zink riding over a jump on his mountain bike doing a tail whip wearing the Limited Edition Troy Lee Designs D4 Carbon helmetPicture of the Cam Zink limited edition Troy Lee Designs Monster D4 resting on the handlebars os Cam Zink's bike which is flat on the ground

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Brendan Fairclough

Brendog’s helmet features a subtle checker-board design underneath some characteristically crisp TLD line work. 

Shot of Brendan Fairclough wearing his limited edition Monster D4 helmet with his head tipped towards the camera so you can see the the silver and bronze line work on the helmet
Close up shot of the back of Brendan Fairclough's Monster Troy Lee Designs Carbon D4 helmet where it reads 'Dog Save the Queen'
Photograph with soft focus background of Brendan Fairclough with his Monster D4 Carbon limited edition helmet resting on the top of his head
Photo of Brendan Fairclough doing a tailwhip on his mountain bike wearing the limited edition Brendan Fairclough D4
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