The Moots Vamoots RCS First Look

By Stan Portus –  27 January 2021

The Moots Vamoots RCS is a modern road bike designed to inspire you to always go that little further. Bringing together Moots’ signature smooth ride, the capacity for high volume tyres, and a road-orientated geometry, the Vamoots RCS was dreamt up in Routt County but happens to be the perfect bike for British riding.

The Moots Vamoots RCS is an all-titanium bike that is a truly modern machine. The Vamoots RCS, or Routt County Special, employs Moots world-leading titanium craftsmanship to deliver a road bike with the capability to take 35mm tyres and handling characteristics that will always inspire you to ride that little further.

The Vamoots RCS is the second bike Moots has launched in the last two years, after the hardtail Womble. Flying counter to the bike industry’s tendency to release new bikes every years Moots knows the value of taking the time to develop an idea and turn into something truly special.

“The Vamoots RCS is a bike we’ve had in the back of our minds for some time now,” says Moots’ Jon Cariveau. “We all go out and ride together at lunch, and the roads we typically ride are this mix of pretty smooth asphalt, chip seal county roads, pretty well-maintained ranch roads. Over the years we’ve all sort of said ‘what if’, and now with the evolution of other bike technologies, we’re finally able to put all the pieces together and offer the Vamoots RCS, a bike that can handle just about anything, and one we’ve all been dreaming of for years.” 

Moots Vamoots RCS photographed in a workshop at a three quarter angle

The Best Road Bike for British Roads

The characteristics that make the Vamoots RCS the perfect riding companion for the trails and roads in the Routt County around Moots HQ in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, also make it a great choice for British riding.

The 35mm tyre clearance of the RCS and the road-orientated geometry make it an ideal fit for fast riding on Britain’s often far from smooth tarmac. It also means not having to skip that less than smooth trail, tow path, or track that’s been calling your name.

The all-new Moots RCS shot from behind to show the tyre width and seat stay design

The Vamoots RCS achieves its wider tyre clearance through newly designed fast back seat stays and cold-worked chain stays.  

Unmatched Titanium Knowhow

The Moots Vamoots Routt County Special photographed side on showing the ENVE SES AR wheels

At the heart of the Vamoots RCS is Moots’ unmatched titanium knowhow, delivering its unmistakable, silky smooth ride.

The frame is composed of Moots’ double butted RSL tube set, with butting specified to each size frame for the best strength and ride quality. The tubes are precisely mitred to allow for full tack welding before being finished with a second-pass 6/4 titanium alloy weld for added durability and Moots’ renowned ‘stack-of-dimes’ appearance. 

For the Vamoots RCS, Moots designed a brand-new carbon fork.

This fork suits the wider tyre clearance of the RCS while delivering a classic road aesthetic to complete the bike’s ride and look.

3D Printed Dropout

Close up photo showing the 3D printed drop out

While Moots bends almost all its tubing and welds all its frames by hand, the Vamoots RCS features a newly designed 3D printed rear dropout to achieve perfect axle and disc brake alignment. 

For Mechanical or Electronic Gears

Close up photo showing the Moots Vamoots RCS drivetrain. The RCS has a SRAM Red groupset

The Vamoots RCS comes in two frameset designs, specific to your preferred type of gearing:

• Vamoots RCS Di2 for electronic gears (£6700)
• Vamoots RCS Mechanical for mechanical groupsets (£6400) 

The Perfect Finishing Kit

Close up photo showing the Moots Vamoots RCS drivetrain. The RCS has a SRAM Red groupset

The very best framesets deserve the very best finish kit. We recommend completing your Moots with Chris King bottom brackets and headsets as well as ENVE components for the very, very best performance. 

The ENVE SES 3.4 AR Wheelset, designed to take on rougher terrain and pavé, is the perfect pairing for the RCS. The wheels are built around Chris King hubs by our in-house bespoke wheel building team.

Unique Touches

Close up showing the Vamoots RCS down tube with the custom
Close up showing the 40th anniversary Moots head badge with Mr Moots riding a bike

Moots offers a selection of frame finishes from understated brushed logos, to anodized colours, and designs inspired by a certain Kubrick film and the artwork of Paul Klee and Bridget Riley.

The custom finish on the Vamoots RCS pictured is a new offering from Moots called ‘Hunter’. The design draws from the classic M1942 camouflage, which is known as “Frog Skin” or “Duck Hunter”. The pattern is created with a sequence of masking and anodising over Moots satin bead blast.  

2021 marks Moots’ 40th Anniversary and every Moots Vamoots RCS will come with a unique head badge commemorating the brand’s history and legendary heritage.

Enquire Now

Saddleback is currently waiting its first delivery of the Vamoots RCS, but Moots UK stockists are already taking orders.

You can find a list of Moots stockists on our Moots page or you can reach out to us directly.  

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Frame Spec

Head tube44mm
Bottom bracket68mm threaded
Derailleur clamp34.9
Thru-axle and rear end spacing142 x 12
Disc mountFlat mount 140 adaptable to 160
Max tyre clearance35
Water bottle locations2
Frame weight165
Frame sizes48cm – 62cm 
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