New Limited Edition Sidi Cycling Shoes

By Stan Portus –  19 January 2021

Sidi has recently introduced a whole host of cycling shoes to its range. But the Italian brand hasn’t stopped there. It has also dropped some super limited edition seafoam, gold, and sage colourways for its Sixty, Shot 2, and Eagle 10 models.

Over the last 18 months Sidi has introduced new models and updated designs to its range of road and mountain bike cycling shoes. From the Eagle 10 to the Shot 2 and the Sidi Sixty, the range continues Sidi’s commitment to providing the very best footwear with new closure systems, carbon soles and signature heel retention devices.

All the shoes come in Sidi’s standard colour, but Sidi has also released a range of limited edition versions that deliver Sidi’s unmistakable style and panache and bring something truly special to your cycling wardrobe.  

Sidi Sixty Seafoam

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The Sidi Sixty Sea Foam takes the Tour-winning, anniversary Sixty and adds an almost iridescent silver blue finish that will transport you to sunnier climes and revitalising vistas as soon as you slip them on.

Product shot of the Sidi Sixty Seafoam Limited Edition cycling shoe from above on a black background
Close up shot of the Tecno closure dial on the limited edition Sidi Sixty Seafoam
Close up of the heel of the Sidi Sixty Sea Foam cycling shoe

Sidi Shot 2 Gold and Silver 

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Sidi recently rebuilt its flagship road cycling shoe, the Shot, from the ground up. The new Shot 2 is the result, and it’s a pure performance booster with a brand-new carbon sole and signature Sidi features such as the Double Tecno-3 Push Flex closure dial and adjustable heel retention device. The Gold and Silver limited edition brings a winning finish to a winning shoe.

Side shot of the limited edition Sidi Shot 2 Gold and Silver with a black background Close up of the heel retention device on the Sidi Shot 2 Gold and Silver limited edition road cycling shoe

Sidi Sixty Multicolour

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The Sidi Sixty in a kaleidoscopic pop. The Multicolour Sidi Sixty says goodbye to cycling’s sombre sartorial tendencies and hello to putting a spring in your pedal stroke. 

Sidi Eagle 10 Sage

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The Eagle 10 sits just below the top-flight Tiger 2 in Sidi’s mountain bike shoe collection and is just at home on CX track as it on the trails. This limited edition Sage colourway brings a muted finish to the mtb shoe that is at one with its green surroundings.