By Stan Portus – 18 December 2019

The new Peaty's X Chris King  collaboration allows you to match your tubeless valves with your Chris King hubs – the ultimate finishing touch for the elite performance wheels we build here at Saddleback. 

We are pleased to announce that Peaty’s has launched its Peaty’s x Chris King Tubeless Valve range in 10 new colours, allowing you to make an impeccable pairing between the latest Chris King hub colours and your tubeless tyre set up.

Founded by downhill World Cup superstar Steve Peat, Peaty’s designs products to excel at the highest level whilst always being conscious of environmental impact and sustainability. This makes Peaty’s a natural bedfellow with Chris King, known for producing some of the highest quality components out there.  

 Peaty’s Tubeless Valves are used by some of the very best pro mountain bike racing teams, including Hope Factory Racing and Santa Cruz Syndicate. However, it isn’t just mountain bike teams that use Peaty’s valves. Continental road cycling team Canyon dhb Bloor Homes have been running tubeless for three seasons, and their valve of choice is Peaty’s – testament to the performance quality of Peaty’s, regardless of your riding discipline.

“With a tubeless set up,” explains Saddleback’s master wheel builder Rob Borek, “you get better grip and less rolling resistance with the added benefit of puncture resistance.”

Run at lower tyre pressures tubeless tyre set ups are more comfortable due to the tyre having a larger footprint on the ground. Counter to what you may expect this large tyre footprint is also why tubeless tyres reduce rolling resistance – brilliant for smoothing out the chatter from bad British roads. You needn’t worry about pinch flats either when there are no tubes in the equation, and tubeless tyres will self-seal holes up to 6mm with only a minimal loss of tyre pressure.

“Tubeless tyres require high volumes of air,” says Rob, “so when road bikes could only accommodate 23 or 25cc it was difficult to set up tubeless effectively on a road bike.” With an industry shift towards road bikes that can accommodate 28cc tyres – or larger – and wider rim widths too, tubeless set up is now totally feasible on your road bike.

Our master wheel builders have constructed thousands of wheels over the years at our in-house, custom wheel building facility. They have a wealth of experience that they bring to every build. They can help you establish exactly what build would be best for your riding. All the wheels we build here are made by hand. This means that compared to machine-built wheels, your wheels will stay truer longer and your components will perform to their maximum capability so you can too.

We have a variety of Chris King and ENVE wheelsets available that we build with Sapim spokes. We know you may be seeking a different type of build and, committed to building with the very best, we also build with Stans Rims and Mavic Open Pros.  

Made from lightweight anodised aluminium, Peaty’s tubeless valves are available in 42mm and 60mm stem lengths and can fit a wide range of tubeless rims. The larger rubber base of the valves easily creates an airtight seal on valve holes up to 8mm. The integrated valve core remover cap makes topping up tyre sealant a quick and easy process whether you are out on the trails, the road, or in the workshop.

The new Peaty x Chris King Tubeless valve colours include matte slate, matte Turquoise, matte bourbon, matte punch, matte mango, silver, violet, red and navy, matching the colours available for the Chris King hubs we use here at Saddleback.

How to set up tubeless wheels and their benefits is something we have discussed before in the Saddleback journal, and it is certainly something to bear in mind when deciding on your next set of wheels. The Peaty’s x Chris King collaboration would be the ultimate finishing touch to any elite performance wheels, bringing undeniable class to your build.

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