By Stan Portus – 13 December 2019

PUSH Industries' ElevenSix is a revolutionary rear shock, tailored to your bike and riding style transforming ride quality and feel.  

Expertly crafted and manufactured at PUSH Industries’ headquarters in Colorado, the PUSH ElevenSix Shock has been created to be the ultimate performance upgrade for mountain bike trail riding.

The PUSH ElevenSix rear mountain bike shock offers performance refinement that is often afforded only to professional racers and their teams. This is because PUSH Industries tailors every ElevenSix to your bike model, weight, and riding style, facilitating incredible traction and support when you’re out on the trails.

Each ElevenSix is made up of a shock body and a coil spring and researching how best to configure both of these elements for a particular bike’s specification isn’t a fast process. It can take PUSH up to three months to figure out the optimisation for a particular bike. As PUSH founder, Darren Murphy, says:

"Discovery is not only by the seat of our pants, but by using state-of-the-art on-board data logging computer systems and diagnostics. We’re talking the type of data that is being recorded at 1,000 samples per second. Combine that with our in-house custom-built suspension dynamometers – capable of over 300mm of travel, up to 6m per second, a frequency in excess of 150hz and the ability to simulate actual trail data – and you’ll quickly see how seriously we take performance.”

This extensive R&D leads to what PUSH calls ‘the intimate working knowledge’ of each and every product they build, and this obsessive attention to detail results in a rear mountain bike shock that is tailored exactly to your bike and riding style. In fact, the PUSH team only brings a shock to market for a specific bike if they’re totally confident it will improve performance and the riding experience. 

The shock includes various canny features that overcome some familiar gripes faced by mountain bike riders. Most notably the ElevenSix features a patent-pending ‘Dual Overhead Valve’ that is comprised of two separate high and low compression circuits. Toggling between the two you can completely alter the feel of your bike, providing traction and support for descents or firming up the tail of your bike for climbing.

PUSH Industries has made the nitrogen cylinder larger than other shocks. This helps reduce heat build-up that can lead to harsher and firmer suspension, which ultimately means the ElevenSix’s excellent performance isn’t compromised during particularly heavy-going sections of your ride.

Incremental rebound adjustments are controlled by a parabolic needle and positive notches at each click point allow for precise and easy micro adjustments. A polymer ring separating the coil from the preload ring ensures that creaks and squeaks are a thing of the past. A piggyback positioned perpendicular to the shock body ensures that the ElevenSix never rubs, even on the toughest terrain.

Every detail of PUSH suspension is subject to obsessive care and refinement. With the ElevenSix this has resulted in the lightest coil shock on the market without a fatigue limit. The HyperCo Ultra Light Suspension Spring used by PUSH is resistant to fatigue and is precise within plus or minus two pounds and has a remarkably long lifespan.

The longevity, durability and build quality of the ElevenSix not only pays dividends in terms of sustained performance, but also for purely pragmatic reasons. Compared to an air shock, it’s simply no contest. Not only do you get better, more customisable suspension to make riding more fun, but far longer service intervals.

Add in the option to reconfigure the ElevenSix shock – a service we offer here at Saddleback – and you can reap the benefits of PUSH Industries suspension for years to come by transferring your ElevenSix onto a new bike. It’s truly a lasting investment that means less time waiting for your shock to be serviced and more quality time on the trails – and that has to be a huge positive for any mountain biker.

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