PUSH Launches HC97 RockShox Damper Upgrade

PUSH Launches HC97 RockShox Damper Upgrade

Saddleback is pleased to announce the launch of PUSH’s HC97 Compression System Kit, which promises to transform the damping quality of existing RockShox forks.

Handcrafted at PUSH’s Colorado HQ, and the product of meticulous care and devotion, the HC97 has been explicitly constructed to offer a whole new level of trail and enduro performance.

The HC97 employs the same compression technology used in the ElevenSix Rear Shock, but in the fork – it simply replaces the upper assembly of existing RockShox fork dampers to give a fluid, free-flowing trail riding experience that is utterly unequalled. For anyone already running an ACS3 coil in their RockShox fork, the HC97 is the ultimate upgrade for unlimited access to flow heaven.

Compatible with all Lyrik, Pike and BoXXer RCT3 and RC2 Charger 2 and 2.1 RockShox Damper Cartridges, the HC97 is a brilliant exercise in top-tier engineering.

In contrast to rough and ready stock dampers, the HC97 enables fine-grade adjustment in compression ­­– in exactly the range where it is needed – resulting in incredible adjustment resolution.

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The 28 clicks of both high and low-speed compression can be easily adjusted on-the-go, using the two external dials, to get the precise ride quality you are looking for. Turns on the low-speed compression circuit dial control a parabolic shaped needle which – in contrast to more commonly used cone-shaped needles – makes for the smoothest and most consistent transition between clicks. With the narrowed and optimised range of adjustment, PUSH says that you can be confident that every click will make a difference to your ride.

The shim-less valve design of the high-speed compression circuit ensures the very best traction, compliance and control on a wide variety of terrains. An innovative sliding valve seat construction ensures optimal compression at every stage of fork travel, giving the best ride feel on anything from super-fast, aggressive drops to slower technical lines.

As with every product that PUSH produces, the HC97 is a testament to the need for its existence. As PUSH founder Darren Murphy emphasises: “After exhausting all our R&D efforts working with the stock compression assembly, we decided it would be best to build something from the ground up”.

Every single detail is the direct result of obsessive care and development at PUSH’s Colorado HQ. Marginal gains always trump cheaper construction. What this means is truly lasting quality and a product that performs like no other on the trails – this is an opportunity to share in PUSH’s vision to reach the zenith of suspension performance.

The PUSH HC97 is available from Saddleback, PUSH’s official UK home, or from our authorised PUSH stockists in the UK and the Irish Republic.