Saddleback Staff Ride Culture

By James Bonney – 1 October 2019

Everything that happens at Saddleback stems from a love for cycling, our culture of staff rides is no exception.

Whether competing for the fastest Strava commute, exploring untrammelled bridleways on lunchtime rides or blasting around gnarly trails on long summer evenings, Saddleback’s thriving community of riders are united by a passion and enthusiasm for performance that permeates throughout the whole company.

We’re blessed with a host of scenic routes right on our doorstep – within minutes of the office rural beauty abounds. Countless road, gravel and mountain bike rides over the last 15 years have led to an intricate shared knowledge of the local area which is put to use on a daily basis.

Best gravel? Fastest local descent? Toughest climb? Most bucolic view? You can rest assured it’s been found and incorporated into a ride.

The competitive spirit that suffuses all Saddleback rides is fuelled by top-tier products and a healthy dose of laughter – we’re proud of the brands we represent and so it’s perhaps unsurprising to see a bloom of Castelli colours and hear that Chris King buzz resound over the hills and faraway whenever work is swapped for play.

This buzz is perhaps loudest on the extended two-hour Saddleback lunchtime ride which happens once a month and sees a raft of gravel grinders, road racers and weekend warriors take to their bikes on mass.

Inclusive, encouraging and suited to a diverse range of abilities – these two-hour outings are a great way to celebrate the positive benefits from cycling and being outdoors in a social and friendly atmosphere.

For some of course, the temptation to empty the tank on road sprints and single track surges is too great to resist but what shines through is a shared love for riding.

The unique culture at Saddleback is inextricably linked to the services we offer as a business and, having recently celebrated our fifteenth birthday, we’re excited to find out what the future holds.