Sidi Size Guide

19 AUGUST 2022

By George Wise

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Sidi is one of the most iconic brands within the cycle industry, with a rich history in our sport having supported some of the greatest athletes to have ridden a road or mountain bike. 

With the majority of their shoes still hand made in Italy using traditional methods, they are an artisan product made with unrivalled build quality and technical features. As with all market leading companies, Sidi’s products have evolved over the years to meet the ever-changing demands of their pro athletes and consumers. From performance in stiffness and retention, to fit and comfort.

Do Sidi shoes run small?

Years ago, Sidi shoes were considered narrow which led to consumers with small/narrower feet becoming devout fans of Sidi shoes. However, over the years with each new generation of shoe being released, Sidi have used larger lasts to mould their shoes. This evolution has occurred through feedback from their athletes and general consumer demand and trends. This is why if you are purchasing your first pair of Sidi shoes in 10+ years, you will find that they now fit significantly larger compared to your previous shoes.

Well lit pile of shiny green Abbey Bike Tools Bottom Bracket Socket Tools
Well lit pile of shiny green Abbey Bike Tools Bottom Bracket Socket Tools

A tale of two Sidis - The Dominators from 30 years ago versus a new pair of Shot 2s

What size Sidi shoe do I need?

Using the size of your current cycling shoes or casual shoes is a good place to start for working out your Sidi size. For instance, I use size 44 for my Sidi Shot 2’s and Sixty’s (the latest shoes in their range) and wear size 44 Vans and Nike trainers. In other cycling shoe brands, I use the same size in my Sidi’s as I do Specialized and Fizik.

A much unknown sizing tip with Sidi is that the sole length of a whole size (44 and 44.5) is the same, however, the upper on the ½ size has more fabric to allow larger volume for width and height. This means, if you find the length of a 44 good, but need more volume to fit wider feet or more height for a higher instep/orthopaedic insole, then going for the 44.5 is your best bet. Moving up to a 45 will make the shoe both longer and slightly wider which could then introduce heal lift.

What about Sid shoes for extra wide feet?

For riders who find that the ½ size trick doesn’t work, then Sidi have their Mega range which are specifically designed for wider feet. These have a wider sole and even more volume on the upper for maximum comfort.

Do Sidi Road and MTB shoes fit the same?

The MTB range from Sidi fit exactly the same as the road. The uppers on both the road and MTB ranges are the same, it is just the soles that change. So the above size guide is applicable.

Any further Sidi sizing advice?

Like any item of clothing, personal preferences with fit will play a big part into which size you feel comfortable in. Foot shape, sock thickness, pressure preference (along with other aspects) will all have an effect on this. Ultimately, getting the correct size which fits the comfiest is key, regardless of size.

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